Spinone Italiani

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Quick Facts

  • Weight: 62 – 82 pounds (28.12 – 37.19 kg)
  • Height: 23 – 28 inches (58.42 – 71.12 cm)

The Look of a Spinone Italiani

The Spinone Italiano has a large and robust frame covered in a dense weatherproof coat that usually comes in orange, white, orange & white, white & brown and brown roan. It has a long, oval-shaped head with a square muzzle, bulging flesh-colored nose, and lighter or darker eyes depending on the coat color. Dense hair outlines the eyes and also forms a distinguished moustache and beard. Its thick, tapered tail (sometimes docked) hangs low. Overall, the Spinone Italiano looks ruggedly handsome.


  • Affectionate
  • Outgoing
  • Messy
  • Likes to dig
  • Gentle giant
  • Cooperative

Ideal Human Companion

  • Active singles
  • Experienced dog handlers
  • Families

What They Are Like to Live With

Around the home, the Spinone Italiano is loving and affectionate. In fact, it can never get enough cuddles and tummy scratches. This canine does not appreciate being ignored or left alone for long periods of time. Whatever the family is doing, the Spinone Italiano will want to be involved. It loves children and has a very mellow, gentle way with other pets. Probably not the best apartment dog, the Spinone Italiano will do best with a medium-sized yard. However, it likes to dig, can jump a fence and tends to bring messes into the house. Overall, the Spinone Italiano is the perfect for someone who wants a big dog with a gentle manner.

Things You Should Know

The Spinone Italiano can live as long as 13 years with relatively few genetic health problems. Some may develop hip dysplasia and ear infections. Grooming is fairly simple. Brush it every week and bathe when needed.

The Spinone Italiano needs regular exercise, but it is not a vigorous runner. If you’re a power-walker or jogger, the Spinone Italiano will keep up easily. Being a natural born hunter, the Spinone loves a good swim and the occasional romp in a field.

Spinone Italiani History

The Spinone Italiano originated in Italy as an all-around hunting dog, not especially quick but superb at hunting and retrieving. Dating back as early as the Renaissance, but possibly more ancient than that, the Spinone Italiano continues to serve as a beloved worker, hunter and friend.

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