10 Photos That Prove Dogs Plus Baby Goats Equals Magic


It’s kidding season on our farm, and we also happen to be fostering two small puppies right now. Let me tell you, the photo opportunities are off the charts. While I sometimes say nothing is cuter than a baby goat, the following photos beg for that to be amended to the following: Nothing is cuter than dogs with baby goats.

Included in this cute-fest are our current working dogs, Goatrude (Akbash mix) and Octopus Moonshine (Maremma mix). You may also recognize Lefty (Boxer/Catahoula) and Mama Dog (Terrier) — our current house dogs and product reviewers extraordinaire. Rounding out the photos are our dear departed Diva (Foxhound mix) and Little Chicken (Lab/Beagle), as well as one of our current foster dogs, Sassy (Corgi mix).

Here are my all-time top 10 photos of our dogs with baby goats.

1. Goatrude (aka Trudy) meets her first baby goat, and my heart almost explodes

IMG_6649 (Medium)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

2. Diva patiently lets the baby goats try to nurse her face (no one is born a genius)

IMG_6826 (Medium)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

3. Little Chicken gives yoga lessons, starting with downward dog, naturally

IMG_3189 (Small)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

4. Diva gives an unsolicited spit-bath

IMG_7544 (Small)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

5. Trudy shares a private joke with one of the kids

IMG_9127 (Small)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

6. Octopus Moonshine figures out the milk bar

IMG_4898 (Small)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

7. Big dog + little goat = big sigh

IMG_8367 (Large)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

8. Presented with a baby goat, Lefty almost forgets to look grumpy

IMG_5140 (Medium)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

9. Mama Dog uses her post-weaning hormones to mother a goat

IMG_0405 (Medium)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

10. Sassy realizes that baby goat faces taste like milk

IMG_9771 (Medium)
(Photo by Lisa Seger)

As of today, two of our mama goats have given us five kids. We have 28 more mamas kidding this year, who should have somewhere between 35 and 75 more kids. Sassy and her sister Sydney are being transported to a rescue in Wisconsin early in February. We will replace them with yet more adorable puppies. That’s a whole lot of cute on the way, here and on our Facebook page.

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About the author: Lisa Seger (who goes by Blue Heron Farm on most social media platforms) is a former office drone turned dairy farmer and cheesemaker. She found that cubicle jobs just didn’t allow for enough quality animal time and so made animals her work instead. Like all dairy farmers, she has virtually NO free time, but what little she gets is generally spent in pursuit of rescuing, fostering, and placing homeless dogs. Or being a smart-alec on the interwebs. Follow her on Facebook.

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