10 Reasons Dogs Make Better Valentines Than Humans Do


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Some call it a Hallmark holiday while others just call it hell. Valentine’s Day brings high-stakes expectations no matter your relationship status. If Cupid’s arrow has left you feeling more peeved than passionate this year, why not look to another species to find your Valentine?

We’ve got 10 reasons dogs make better valentines than humans do.

Border Collie with lipstick kiss by Shutterstock.
Border Collie with lipstick kiss by Shutterstock.

1. Dogs don’t need flowers

If you’ve ever been walking your dog when she’s stopped to smell the roses, you know that while humans see these flowers as a symbol of love, dogs see them as just another thing to pee on. If your Valentine is of the canine variety, consider yourself (and your bank account) lucky. No dog is sitting at home waiting for his human to come bursting in with a dozen overpriced, long-stemmed toilets.

2. They won’t buy you chocolate

If your New Year’s resolution involved cutting extra calories, a heart-shaped box of sugary chocolates isn’t exactly welcome a month and a half later. Some of us are still working off the results of the junk-food frenzy also known as the holiday season and would really rather get some puppy kisses than chocolate kisses at this point. Even if our pups could walk to the store to purchase a V-Day present, they wouldn’t pick out something we’ve repeatedly told them is poison.

3. They’re easy to please in the kitchen

Attempting to get to a human Valentine’s heart through his stomach can be a recipe for disaster. A home-
cooked meal can be the highlight of the night, but it’s so hard to get right, especially if you’re used to cooking for canine companions with less discerning tastes. Not all of us have the culinary skills to wow a human date, but it’s guaranteed our dogs will love us even if the can opener is the only kitchen tool we’ve mastered.

4. No reservations required

If you’re the kind of cook only a dog could love, restaurant reservations are definitely required to impress a
human date. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to spend 20 bucks on a heart-shaped pizza or drop some serious
dough at a fancy five-star restaurant — you need to book way ahead or risk ending up in the drive-thru. Of course, if your dog is your date this V-Day, don’t stress. He’ll totally love a car ride and a value menu cheese-burger.

5. Pups don’t care what you wear

Choosing a dog as your date this Valentine’s Day also means you can say you’re going to slip into something more comfortable and actually mean it. Forget about lingerie or silk ties — your pup loves it when you wear your fur-covered sweatpants. To add extra excitement to your evening, pull your dog-walking jacket out of the closet, and you’ll have your pooch panting in no time.

Woman and dog with special treat by Shutterstock.
Woman and dog with special treat by Shutterstock.

6. You know what they want

Your dog’s expectations on Valentine’s Day are the same as they are any other day of the year — he wants you to come home, feed him, play with him, walk him, and cuddle him. Having a doggie date is so much simpler than dealing with a human honey. You never have to worry that your heartfelt but inexpensive gift will be met with an extravagant present and a disappointed date. Dogs know that J.Lo was right — love don’t cost a thing (but that doesn’t mean your pup wouldn’t appreciate a new chew toy).

7. Their presents aren’t pricey

Bones and balls are so much cheaper than diamonds and wristwatches, and thanks to the billion-dollar pet industry, dog lovers have near infinite choices when it comes to showing low-cost love for a canine Valentine. From blinged-out collars to heart-shaped satin beds, there are limitless ways to pamper your Valentine on a limited budget. Best of all, no dog is going to ask for a gift receipt.

8. They’ll definitely go to bed with you

For many, the big question on a Valentine’s Day date is this: Will I be spending the night alone? Many people
in long-term relationships have found themselves in the proverbial dog house after picking up a last-minute Valentine’s Day card at the gas station, but a dog would never banish you to the couch just because you bought their treats at the last minute. They’re just happy to be in the bed in the first place.

9. Dogs don’t see red — or pink

If the typical Valentine’s Day color scheme of red and pink makes you want to puke, don’t worry — a doggie date won’t care if you choose to forgo the traditional hues on your night together. After all, our pups can’t even perceive pink, so go against tradition, and consider getting your best friend something in shades of blue or brown. I guarantee you he didn’t have his little doggie heart set on a color he can’t even see.

10. They just love us unconditionally

Dogs are everything a good Valentine is supposed to be. They’re devoted, adoring, and never late for a date. While a dog won’t be Instagramming your romantic Valentine’s Day carriage ride or popping the question over champagne, his commitment to you can’t be questioned. They say diamonds are forever, but the love of a dog is even stronger and worth more than the fanciest sparkler in the jewelry store.

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About the Author: Heather Marcoux is a freelance writer in Alberta, Canada. Her beloved Ghost Cat was once her only animal, but the addition of a second cat, Specter, and the dog duo of GhostBuster and Marshmallow make her fur family complete. Sixteen paws is definitely enough. Heather is also a wife, a bad cook, and a former TV journalist. Some of her friends have hidden her feed because of an excess of cat pictures. If you don’t mind cat pictures, you can follow her on Twitter; she also posts pet GIFs on Google+.

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