Man Calls 911 to Save His Dog and His Family … from His Cat

"He's a very large Himalayan and he won't let us out of our [bedroom] door," he told the dispatcher. "He's really bad right now. He's charging us."


Before we tell you this story, understand that the family involved here is dedicated to helping this cat. They are getting the cat help. A pet psychologist is visiting the home, the family members are taking the cat to the vet, and they’re even expecting a call from My Cat From Hell producers, according to the Oregonian.

“We’re not getting rid of him right now,” Lee Palmer, the cat’s owner, told the AP. “He’s been part of our family for a long time.”

Now, why all the fuss about a cat? Because he trapped a couple, their seven-month-old baby, and the family dog in a bedroom, forcing the man to call 911 to save them. A cat held a family hostage, basically, in Portland, Oregon.

The cat is a Himalayan named Lux, and he weighs 22 pounds. We don’t know how big the dog is. The dog is probably pretending this whole thing never went down right about now.

It all started when Lux, who “has a history of violence” according to his owner, scratched the baby on the forehead. Palmer went to his son’s rescue, saw what they were up against, and then did something very dumb: He kicked the cat in the rear, and the cat went berserk.

In short order, the family found themselves in the back bedroom, hunkered down. The cat was screaming and screeching. Palmer’s girlfriend, their baby, the dog — all by his side. He called 911.

“He’s a very large Himalayan and he won’t let us out of our door,” he told the dispatcher. “He’s really bad right now. He’s charging us. He’s at our bedroom door.”

In the background, the cat wails.

“You hear him screaming? That was the cat.”

The dispatcher told him that police were on the way, and to stay in the room. Palmer, who had seen into his cat’s eyes and noted the fury, worried for the officers’ safety.

“When I leave out the bedroom to let the police in, I’m going to have to fight this cat,” he said to the dispatcher. “Tell them to be careful — the police.”

“I will,” the dispatcher said. “Do you think the cat will try to attack the police?”


Fortunately, the cat was soon corralled and the family and the dog were freed from the bedroom. The story quickly gained national attention, and many people came forward saying they would adopt the cat, fearing Palmer would turn him over to animal control.

But Palmer is giving his kitty a chance. As he wrote on Facebook, “The cat is very loved, that is why he is here. We had the option to let animal control take him but decided to give him a chance. I’m a very caring, hard-working father that cares about my son, cat, dog, and girlfriend. I did kick him away from my son. You would too.”

Let’s hope this family sticks together. Hopefully the dog is handling everything OK.

Listen to the 911 call here.

Via AP

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