Alleged Nassau County, NY Dog Murderer Goes to Trial Monday March 31! Can You Be There to Support Family or Call Court?

PLEASE CROSSPOST!!! Joe barked in to ask for support in court when his son's dogs' alleged murderer goes to trial on Monday, March 31st. If...




Joe barked in to ask for support in court when his son’s dogs’ alleged murderer goes to trial on Monday, March 31st. If you’re in that area and can get away he, and his son’s murdered furbabies, would appreciate your presence.

Please be advised that this is a hard story to report, much less read. There are some very upsetting points in this story.

Here’s the story from Joe:

Last year, Joe’s son, whom I’ll call young Joe, was nice enough to let his friend Christopher Anzalone and his friend’s pregnant girlfriend Kristine move in with him when they faced financial difficulties. His repayment? Kristine became jealous of young Joe and Chistopher’s friendship and tried to poison young Joe by putting Visine in his iced tea. Oddly enough, this form of poison actually CAN work and young Joe became sick. Fortunately, young Joe survived but his two canine furbabies, a chihuahua and a pit bull did not.

No, they did not die from a Visine overdose. Kristine had a much worse fate in mind for them. While young Joe and Christopher were off having a beer, Kristine beat the poor chihuahua mercilessly and then threw the almost senseless dog at the also abused pit bull. Then she and two friends left the home. When they returned the chihuahua was dead and the pit bull left to take the blame. The pit was then euthanized.

After witnesses came forward, police discovered the attempted human murder to go along with the murder of these furbabies.

Now Kristine Anzalone (who has a baby and is married to Christopher) comes to court. Joe is asking any pet lover who can to attend the court case. If you’re like me and can’t get to Nassau County, NY for the court appearance then you can call the court and let them know we are watching. We expect that the judge will deal as harshly as possible with this terrible person. Not only has she ruthlessly murdered two trusting dogs, she tried to murder the man who helped her. And don’t forget that now the Anzalones have a human baby. What happens if she gets tired of the baby or jealous of her husband’s affections? Not a pretty site I’m sure!

Here is the court appearance information and the judge’s contact information:

Defendant — Kristine Anzalone
Court date — March 31, 2008
Location — Nassau County, NY Courthouse
252 Old Country Road, Mineola, NY
Part 9
Judge Edward Maron (talk with his clerk, Denise)
516-507-4080, 516-571-2483
Assistant District Attorney handling the case
516-572-3000 (I haven’t been able to get through on that line so I haven’t verified the ADA’s first name)

Here’s an article about the case from the Gothamist.

Roommate’s Revenge Plan: Visine Poisoning, Dog Fight

We always thought that Visine poisoning was an urban legend, but a crazy story from Long Island seems to suggest otherwise. Twenty-four year-old Kristine Anzalone has pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault and third-degree criminal mischief after being arrested for allegedly spiking her roommate’s drink with Visine and then agitating his dogs to get into a fight.

According to Newsday, Anzalone and her husband Christopher lived with a male roommate in a North Bellmore home for a few months. But the three squabbled over rent as well as the roommate’s smoking while Anzalone was pregnant. Last June, she allegedly gave the roommate an iced tea with “unknown amount of Visine,” which does contain the chemical tetrahydrozoline. The roommate suffered intestinal distress, including vomiting and rectal bleeding, plus had trouble breathing and was admitted to the hospital.

Then, a few months later, after returning from a business trip, the roommate found his Chihuahua had been killed by his pit bull. A witness told him Anzalone used a cane to provoke the pit bull into attacking the smaller dog.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

Here’s an article about this case reported on the LaRusso & Conway Law Office site.

Cops: Housemate Saw Red in Visine Poisoning

A housing squabble at a North Bellmore residence escalated until one tenant poisoned her roommate with eyedrop medication, causing him to vomit and bleed from his rectum, and then provoked his two dogs into a fatal fight, Nassau police said yesterday.

Kristine Anzalone, 24, now living at 45 Ryder Ave. in East Rockaway, pleaded not guilty to second-degree assault and third-degree criminal mischief charges yesterday. She was expected to post bail of $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond, according to Nancy Bartling of Mineola, her lawyer. “The facts will show that she had nothing to do with this,” Bartling said.

From March to early July 2006, Anzalone and her husband, Christopher, lived with an unnamed friend at 999 Newbridge Rd., said Det. Lt. Kevin Smith at a news conference yesterday.

But the housing situation quickly disintegrated over arguments about rent, and Anzalone, who was pregnant at the time, complained about the roommate smoking in the home, Smith said.

One day in June 2006, the roommate was cleaning the garage when Anzalone served him iced tea that was spiked with an unknown amount of Visine, an over-the-counter eyedrop medicine for dry or bloodshot eyes, police said. Visine contains tetrahydrozoline, a chemical that constricts blood vessels.

The next day, the roommate started vomiting, had trouble breathing and bled from his rectum, Smith said. He went to his doctor at North Shore University Hospital in Plainview for medical attention, and soon learned from friends that Anzalone put Visine in his drink, Smith said.

Improper use of Visine can cause organ damage, said Dr. Tom Caraccio, managing director of the Long Island Regional Poison Center at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola. “If you ingested enough, it could affect the heart, it could affect the lungs,” he said, citing a case where a toddler fell into a coma after drinking half a bottle of Visine.

A spokeswoman for Johnson & Johnson, the company that makes the eyedrop medicine, said, “Visine is safe and effective when used as directed” and declined to comment on the case.

After he fell ill, the roommate made preparations to move out of the North Bellmore house but had an out-of-town business trip around July 6, 2006, police said. He came home to find his Chihuahua had been killed by his pit bull, and learned from an unidentified witness that Anzalone, using a metal cane, hit and poked the pit bull into attacking the smaller dog, Smith said. The pit bull was later euthanized, he said.

Anzalone’s lawyer said she wasn’t even at home at the time of the pit bull attack. “She came home to see the Chihuahua dead,” Bartling said.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

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