Dumb Anti-Pit Bull Poster Is Making the Rounds on Facebook

Don't get bent out of shape -- the idiots who posted it are not worth your time.


If you see this poster today, do not panic. Do not stand on your desk and scream, outraged that people could have such insane and ridiculous views. The people who posted it — The Disciples of the New Dawn — have cornered the market insane and ridiculous views, and this insane and ridiculous poster is just the latest in a long string of insane and ridiculous posters that infect its Facebook page like mold spores on rotten fruit.

Besides, people are already on the case, posting furious comments on the group’s Facebook page. Others are simply making jokes, because the group and the poster are so absurd they’re nearly satire. They could be, for all we know.

Here’s a short list of other dangers beside Pit Bulls that the group is warning us about, via crude posters with outrageous language, false statements, and general stupidity: Witchcraft, baby formula, chemtrails, juggalos, labor unions, the Vatican, Buddhism, more witchcraft, women’s suffrage, gay people, feminists, gay marriage, more juggalos, contraception, more baby formula, vaccinating babies, Democrats, and aquatrails, which are like chemtrails but in the ocean.

So, the Disciples have added Pit Bulls to that list, and that’s getting a rise of out people, and they’re probably very happy sitting on their boxes in their lean-to against the old car wash, brushing the maggots from what’s left of their trousers while finishing off the day’s roadkill.

Don’t worry too much about this poster, is what we’re saying.

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