Are Checkups Treats Dangerous?

Last night I gave all the Ward Pack members a Checkups Treat, one of those chewy treats that are supposed to help clean dogs' teeth....


Last night I gave all the Ward Pack members a Checkups Treat, one of those chewy treats that are supposed to help clean dogs’ teeth. This was the first time I tried them but its probably the last as well.

I’ve been very suspicious of these kinds of treats since the Greenies debacle. But someone I trust said her dogs liked them so I carefully read the package at Costco. It said that there was no plastic, it was made in the US and seemed otherwise okay. I know that Costco still carried the deadly chicken jerky but I usually like the Costco products. So I bought a package.

I’m taking it back on the next Costco trip.

Like I said, last night I gave everybody a Checkups. About thirty minutes later I was talking with a friend and Beatrice started gagging and coughing. Then she threw up what looked like hard cottage cheese. I was perplexed because she had not had anything that looked like cottage cheese — until I remembered the Checkups. Thankfully she had thrown it up. Things could have been much worse.

Have you had a similar event in your home with your furbaby? If so, please bark in. It could be that Beatrice is the only one to have a problem with Checkups. If that’s the case, then I don’t want to warn people wrongly.

19 thoughts on “Are Checkups Treats Dangerous?”

  1. I used the entire 20 ct bag of these from Costco for my 2 Vizsla's 15.5 yo & 4.5 yo. They LOVE them & I have never had an issue with them throwing them up. I would definitely buy them again!

  2. I've been struggling with what dental treats to give my dogs. One has mild gingivitis. Both my dogs like dentastix and have never thrown up any of them. I saw these at Costco but judging from people throwing up from them. Maybe I may have to return them.

  3. Our Havanese has been eating a 1/4 of these a day and absolutely loves them and they keep her teeth and breath very clean. Problem is Costco does not sell them anymore in Canada and online they are 3 times the price. Ridiculous.

  4. My late American Bulldog ate these with no problem and really enjoyed them. Unfortunately our 10month old lab gets the runs every time she has them to the point that the last time we gave her one she ended up having bloody stools. Not sure what ingredient isn’t sitting well but we have thrown the bag out.

  5. I have given them to my 13 year old 67 pound Staffie for 2 years. She only gets 1/2 of one. I don’t give them to her every day but use them as extra special treats as she will do absolutely anything for one. So far, no problems, and since she has pancreatitis, I consider no problems a very good thing indeed!

  6. We had been giving a half to each of our three dogs each night. No problems for awhile. They loved them. Then two of them started throwing up often. We stopped giving them and got medication from our vet. No problems for a couple of months when they weren’t getting checkups. Last night, for McGees birthday, I gave them each a half. This morning at least two of them threw up everywhere. Half a roll of paper towels later I took the Checkups we had left and threw them away. I’ll report this to my vet next week.

  7. My Golden Retrievers love them and get one a day. The oldest is 8 years old. The vet can’t believe how clean their teeth are – they’ve never had to have them professionally cleaned. I sometimes find chunks of the check-ups in their stools, but they are broken up and don’t seem to bother them.

  8. My 85# lab loves them..I have been giving them to her for years…I purchase them on line at Costco when are local Costco doesn’t have them…The only problem I have is that they have been leaving a build up up on her back molors. Brusing regular does not remove the build up. And when she had her teeth cleaned. The vet said it was very hard to remove. But she does love them…you just like everthing else have to make sure they chew it completely…I keep her away from raw hides for this reason…..

  9. My large dog loves and have given to her for years. Give to friends dogs for a treat and they all love them also. I soften one in the microwave and cut into 16 small treats for my 6 lb Chi-who also loves and eats without problems. It’s a mystery to me why any of the other dogs may have had a problem (swallowing huge chunk without chewing?).

  10. Our lab dog has had a half one every day for years and we have not encountered a problem with her digesting them.

  11. Been giving all 3 of my 85#males checkups for over 7yrs and have never had a problem of them throwing up. The boys literally drool in anticipation when I open the bag.

      1. Also, just remembered that they are available on the Costco online website-but again, spendy…unless you microwave to soften and cut into small pieces like I do for my Chihuahua. They then need to be left out to dry before storing again.

        1. Does anyone know why Costco stopped selling the dental checkups inside their store locations? To order online, Costco sells them for $32.99 for two bags and there were only $12 bucks per bag at the store. Does anyone know if some locations still sell them inside?

  12. i didn’t think that they would be bad but i gave my dog half of one this am and he did spit up white liquid stuff so i think i have lost money on the product since i threw away the bag they came in. i have been happy with the costco nubs and the green ones but would not buy the checkups again.

  13. Hi I found this today 26/02/2018 and it happen to my dog too.
    I gave to her half and later found in her bed that she throw it up, and look like cottage cheese and smell like baby throw, think twice about those treats.
    Im just glad she is fine and now im searching all over the house the other half I just give to her before I notice.
    So worry.

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