Ask GiGi: My Dog Won’t Share Her Toys!

A reader complains that her dog won't share. Won't share? Won't share? When do dogs share?


Dear GiGi,

I love my dog! She is super sweet and very obedient, but she just absolutely refuses to share with other dogs. It’s embarrassing when she snaps at other dogs over toys, treats, bones, you name it. I’m afraid people will get the wrong impression of her. What should I do to break her of this bad habit?

Marie S.

Indianapolis, IN

Dear Marie,


Sorry, that gibberish was me banging my head on the keyboard. Of course your dog doesn’t WANT to share her toys, treats, or bones! They’re HERS!

I get that you humans need to set boundaries in your world to maintain a sense of “civility,” but gimme a break. We’re dogs! If you give me something, the last thing I want to do is give it to another dog. “Oh, sure. Here, Moxie, slobber all over my bone, just give it back once it’s HALF EATEN.” Nooooo thanks!

The first thing I do when I get to the office/home/anywhere I’ve been before is to run and check and make sure NO ONE HAS TOUCHED MY STUFF! We have a lot of other dogs in my office, and I have to keep a tight wrap on MY things (and stuff of theirs I stole when they weren’t looking).

Dogs aren’t made to share. Why do you think we bury stuff? ‘Cause it’s MINE, and everyone else can keep their paws off! Don’t get me wrong — I’m more than happy to share kisses, hugs, and the occasional snuggle, but anything fuzzy or meat flavored is all mine.

Important note: This advice shouldn’t keep you from wanting to share stuff with me, though. I’m more than happy to accept.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!


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