A New Dog Enters the Workplace, and Terrier Turf Wars Loom

Has GiGi met her match at the office?


Dear GiGi:

I’m a fearless girl who’s not afraid to take her place in the world and demand what I deserve. It’s just who I am!

Here’s the thing: I’ve just started a new job and some of the other dogs I work with are a bit more, well, demure. I admit I’ve gotten a bit testy when they get too close to my human, but as I see it, I’m just defining my territory. I don’t need the whole office, just the area around my dog bed and food bowl.

What do you think? Should I tone it down and lower my head, or wag that tail of mine and take all the ear scratches and liver snaps that come my way?

— Townsend Terrier

Dear Townsen …

Wait a minute, I know EXACTLY who this is!! You can’t fool me Rrrrramona! You belong to Owen Thomas, the new editor of ReadWrite.com, which shares an office with Dogster! And if by “fearless girl” you mean brazen ball thief, and a “bit testy” equals the wrath of Ramona then yes, you’re spot-on, my friend!

So here’s the deal, I like you. I like your style, and you’re fun to chase around the office. So let’s just pretend I’ll respect your food bowl and you’ll respect mine … ahahahaaa, ROFL!

We both know that I know that you know that I know, that’s not how it will go down. In the meantime, keep up the good work and if you can score me some of those liver snaps I’d be forever grateful. I’m not allowed to have them, because my demure digestion processes them in a way that would make a biker blush.

Love your new pal,

Got a question on etiquette or relationships? Send it to AskGiGi@dogster.com.

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