Astrology Alert: What Are Leos Like as Dog Lovers?

They tend to like flashy, head-turning dogs -- and they treat their canines like royalty.


If you follow my column regularly, you’ve probably figured out that I’m big on astrology. My tendency to write about how Mercury retrograde impacts dog lovers might be a dead giveaway. (Incidentally, Mercury will go direct on Aug. 8.)

But my specialty in the zodiac department is how people’s signs are revealed in their design choices — I write a monthly column, “Star Style,” on astrology and design for Traditional Home magazine.

Of course, I’m also fascinated by what draws certain zodiac signs to certain types of dog. I’m a Taurus, the sign of the bull, so I’m convinced that I’m bullish on pit bulls because, well, they share the Taurean traits of tenacity, fierce loyalty, and a constant craving for creature comforts!

But right now is Leo’s time of year, so let’s consider those born under the sign of the lion.

Leos tend to be leonine in appearance, with a lionlike mane, handsomely feline facial features, and a proud, regal bearing that befits a king or queen. They adore luxury — only the best will do. Not surprisingly, they gravitate to flashy, head-turning dogs who share those leonine physical traits, such as the Leonberger (a.k.a. Lion Dog of Leonberg) or Chow Chow. When adopting a shelter dog, they will look for a mutt with an eye-catching coat and a megawatt personality.

Smaller breeds that resemble little lions, such as the Pug, also have special appeal to Leos.

Consider Martha Stewart (pictured above), famed for her longstanding love of lionlike Chow Chows. In recent years, Martha switched K9 allegiance to a smaller, less furry model: the French Bulldog, favorite dog breed of the late Leo fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent.

Leos make tremendously loyal friends, to the humans in their lives and to their beloved pets. They treat their pets like royalty — after all, Leos are the generous, luxury-loving aristocrats of the zodiac, so they make sure their pets feel fussed over and to-the-manor-born.

Leos will go to great lengths for a dog, sparing no expense of money or effort to ensure the animal’s happiness and well-being, whether it’s a stay-cation at the very best dog boarding facility, housecall acupuncture appointments, or stem cell regeneration therapy to ease the pain of arthritis. They pamper dogs like nobody’s business, with daily visits to the dog park, organic food and treats, plush designer dog beds, and plenty of toys.

Lions are notorious attention hounds who thrive on flattery. They take great pride in their pets as extensions of themselves, so compliments paid to their dog(s) are expected, and appreciated!

If you have your heart set on a Leo, be sure to make a fuss over his or her dog. Capture that K9 with your Kodak as often as possible, and have the choicest shots framed. A great gift idea for the Leo dog lover is a painted portrait of his or her pet — or perhaps a life-size sculpture cast in bronze. More than any other sign, Leo enjoys immortalizing beloved dogs. Consider lovely Leo lady Simone Reyes, who proudly immortalizes her beloved dogs (and cats and smaller pets) for all the world to see, in an ever-evolving tattoo on her arm.

Just remember, while s/he has no problem sharing the limelight with a pet, a Leo is not likely to extend the same privilege to you — you’re only human, after all!

Leo Dogsters and friends of Leo Dogsters, we’d like to hear zodiac wisdom straight from the lion’s mouth, so please share your thoughts in the comments!

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