The 5 Best Dogster Monday Miracles of 2013

In 2013, we started our weekly Monday Miracle column on Dogster. Let's take a look at five of the best miracles from this year.


I don’t know how the Monday Miracle column found its name. I suppose — as its title suggests — it was a miraculous combination of alliteration. Everyone loves an underdog — especially an underdog with an underbite. And the truth is that with shelter overpopulation a very serious problem, the odds of finding a forever home for a dog who may need wheels or rigorous cancer treatment go from tough to zero.

I started coming across the Facebook pages of dogs who’d overcome obstacles, and I became intrigued by their stories of survival and the compassion of the human friends who had saved them. As I began sharing them with y’all, it became apparent that these stories tap into something universal and primal. And so the Monday Miracle was born.

As the year draws to a close, let’s reflect on which Monday Miracles touched my heart the most:

1. Girlie the power plant dog

Girlie was found roaming around a power plant and was taken under the care of a woman named Kara. Kara looked after the feral dog as best she could, eventually earning her trust and forming a bond. However, Kara has her own dogs, and couldn’t open her home to another, no matter how deeply Girlie had infiltrated her heart. With winter months coming, accompanied by the plant’s temporary closure, Kara reached out for help. It worked! Girlie now lives with a forever family, slowly learning how to be a dog and no longer a stray.

2. Dunkin the rescued bait dog (may he rest in peace)

I don’t know how Dunkin survived wandering the backroads of Alabama with a belly full of nails, but somehow — miraculously — he did. The nails were just the start of his problems: Dunkin eventually required surgery on his eyes; testing revealed that the dog suffered from neurological damage, which meant he could never walk without a wheelchair. A digestive condition allowed him to eat only certain foods and only with the aid of a feeding chair. Sadly, Dunkin went to the Rainbow Bridge this year, but his legacy lives on.

3. The magnificent Bumblesnot

The Bumblesnot had not only his “unique” looks but his older age working against him when he was trying to find his forever home. Senior dogs are often dumped at shelters in favor of younger dogs, and it’s basically a death sentence. Thanks to education efforts from folks like yourself, more and more people can see the benefits of adopting an older dog. One such person was the human friend who adopted the Bumblesnot. She fell in love with his face and the amazing sounds of his bodily functions.

4. Dutchess the blind therapy dog

When Dutchess developed a disease that caused her eyes to become painfully inflamed, some folks might have balked at her treatment and abandoned the dog. Dutchess’ human friend first applied prescription eye drops and then, when the pain became too much, opted to have her eyes removed completely. But that’s okay! The 11-year-old dog doesn’t need eyes to continue her work as a therapy dog!

5. Benny Corgipants, the puppy mill rescue

Due to an untreated puppy mill injury, Benny Corgipants is missing a chunk of his nose. And that sucks! But guess what? Corgis have like, excessive cuteness, so even though Benny is missing some of his nose, he’s still totally adorable. Which is perfect because when Benny tells you, “Hey, don’t buy puppies from pet shops — it perpetuates the puppy mill industry,” you’re going to totally listen to him.

Who was your favorite Monday Miracle of 2013? Are there any miracles we missed that we can talk about in 2014?

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