Buckle-Down Collar Contest Winner

Jake here. Last night we did a random drawing of the entries for our Buckle-Down collar and leash contest, and I'll announce the lucky winner...


Jake here. Last night we did a random drawing of the entries for our Buckle-Down collar and leash contest, and I’ll announce the lucky winner in a minute.

But first I have to say that I am very humiliated. Many, many of you said you would select a Love Love Pink collar for your dog, but as far as I can tell, every dog whose person selected that style was a GIRL dog! And many of these girls dogs aren’t just girls, they’re girly girls!

Lisa, for instance wrote, “I also think that the pink one that Jake has one would look lovely on Lady!!” (Oh great, what next, will Princess and Prissy and Missy want one too?!)

Sandy, who has boy dogs, made this comment: “After showing the designs and colors to me 5 Scottie boyos, they all said Hey mam, no pink for us highland lads.” (Ouch.)

Megan quipped: “My frenchie girl would look fabulous in the love, love, pink set! It has almost as much attitude and flair as she does!” (Frenchie girl? I like to attract Frenchie girls, not be Frenchie girls!)

Jenny‘s boy dog wrote, “Mama & me talked bout this fur a long time…She likes a love, love pink one but peeples ready finks Is a girl an Is a boy pup.” (I feel your pain, boy, I feel your pain…)

Amanda remarked: “Omg, I love the Love Love Pink and it would be amazing on my little princess, Abby.” (I KNEW there would be a princess in here somewhere!)

Sam Zuniga rubbed it in with “Haddon, my solid white husky, looks lovely in anything! But since she is a girly girl pink is her favorite color, so its Love Love Pink for her!!!”

Janet Hall rubbed more salt in the wound with “My Sugar Bear would love the Love Love Pink design…She is my girly dog.”

Stacia twisted the knife with this one: ” ‘Love Love Pink’ would look just dashing on my little prissy poodle.” (I knew “prissy” could come into the equation!)

Java added a new blow to the mix: “Definitely Love Love Pink because I am a diva from paw to tail.” (Now I’m in the land of divas!)

Deborah Harrell joined her: “The Love Love Pink would be perfect for my little girl Jack Russell. She is so petite and dainty for a terrier and she would appreciate such a girlie collar.”

I could go on, but I think you get the point. I was all set to ask the nice people at Buckle-Down for a more manly collar, but then I read this comment, from RidgeB, and it healed everything: “Sadie and Oakley think Jake looks just quite handsome in that pink collar.”

So despite this collar clearly being for the girly-girl dog set, I am going to keep wearing it proudly. And every time someone says, “Oh what a pretty girl!” when they look at me, I’ll just keep thinking of the words of Sadie and Oakley.

And now, here is the winner of the Buckle-Down set!

It’s Dana, whose lucky number was randomly drawn from all the entries. And what a fitting winner, too. Looks what she wrote about her dog, Vader:

“I think Vader would look great in the Death before Dishonor set!..He is the most loyal dog i have ever met. When our daughter was knocked unconscious he stayed by her side 24 hours a day, and they are inseparable.he would do anything for her!”

Aww, that’s really sweet. He sounds like a good, good dog. Congratulations, Vader!

For the many dozens of who didn’t win, I’ve recently learned that Petco is now selling these fine collars and leashes, so you can save on shipping charges if you want to buy one. You’re all winners in my book anyway — even those of you who made those girly-girl comments. 😉

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