A Bullmastiff Finks On His Frenchie Friend in This Adorable Viral Video


We like to think that one of the great things about dogs is their loyalty. Other than the ability to pee on fire hydrants and fetch thrown objects, that’s one of the first traits that people think of when you say “dog.”

Apparently, it doesn’t always work out that way, at least not with other dogs. The charming video below, which has been getting enthusiastically passed around the Internet, is a great example.

Adorable perhaps, but this is not an innocent face. (Screenshot)
Adorable perhaps, but this is not an innocent face. (Screenshot)

The video is pretty simple: The owner comes into her living room (video camera in hand and recording), to find her French Bulldog wrapped in long shreds of toilet paper. When she asks, “Who made this mess?” the Bulldog responds in just the way that you’d expect: By looking away silently with just a hint of shame, pretending that the question never happened.

When she puts the question to her Bullmastiff, the response is very different. At first the dog just sits there, declining to answer. That’s kind of an eerie moment, actually. Some stray light from behind the camera is causing the Mastiff’s eyes to glow, and at first it looks like he’s just pondering whether to devour the souls of everyone watching. But finally, he gives up on the idea of immortal souls as chew-toys and points his paw in the direction of the obvious culprit: the French Bulldog.

Yes, the video seems like a little bit of an obvious setup. If nothing else, the question about who made the mess seems kind of obvious, considering that the Bulldog is wrapped in toilet paper like a canine mummy. Also, even in the age of social media, my first move when confronted with a dog mess is not to turn on the camera. But frankly, I don’t care. The expressions on their faces are charming and recognizable to anyone who’s ever lived with a dog, and that’s all the authenticity you need.

Via YouTube

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