Can dogs catch Parvo twice?

Summed up... Miko is 4 months old. We got her at 8 weeks old. One day after we got her she got Parvo and Coccidia,...


Summed up… Miko is 4 months old. We got her at 8
weeks old. One day after we got her she got Parvo
and Coccidia, which of course gave her horrible
diarrhea. She luckily lived through that. She has
since been to the vet several times, had blood
work and fecal tests, and they have come back
clean. She has also had all of her shots now as
well. She still has really watery diarrhea.

Could her stomach or intestines be damaged from
the Parvo, and if so, how long till she starts
having regular bowel movements?

Miko acts perfectly fine, but I can’t imagine
her poor bum feals good. Can you help!!!

ALSO!!! One vet told me that since she had Parvo,
she couldn’t get it again, and another vet told
me that wasn’t true. Can she still get it again
if she’s already had it?

Costa Mesa, CA

Wow. It sounds like Miko’s life got off to a rough start. You have asked several questions, and I’ll try to address them one by one.

First, let’s talk about Parvo. Parvovirus (aka Parvo) is an extremely contagious disease of dogs. It occurs mainly in puppies, or in dogs that have not been vaccinated. The bad news: many dogs that contract Parvovirus die. The good news: dogs that do not die (such as Milo) almost always make complete recoveries. They usually do not suffer long-term health consequences. The intestines should heal quite rapidly.

Also, there are no 100% guarantees about anything in this world, but I can tell you that it is extremely unlikely that Miko could contract parvo again. Most dogs that live through parvo develop permanent immunity.

Now, let’s talk about Coccidia. Coccidia are ubiquitous microscopic intestinal parasites that infect huge numbers of puppies and kittens. They rarely cause serious health problems, but they can lead to long-term, frustrating watery diarrhea. They are hard to treat, and sometimes several rounds of medication are necessary to eliminate the problem.

Based on your description, I am suspicious that Coccidia may be playing a role in Miko’s ongoing diarrhea. You may want to consider treating for the parasite again, or doing a special fecal test (zinc sulfate centrifugation) that is more sensitive than standard fecal tests.

Of course, other parasites (such as worms, which also can be missed by some fecal tests), reactions to foods, inflammatory bowel disease, or (and this is unlikely) lingering damage from Parvovirus infection could be playing a role in Miko’s problems. But my hunch is that the Coccidia are the culprits. I recommend that you and your vet go after them first. If that doesn’t work, it will be time to do an extensive investigation into the problem with comprehensive diagnostic tests.

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  2. My dog Raven had parvo as a pup. I did not have the money for follow up vaccines and 3 years later we got a puppy “Blue” and she has Parvo and is getting treated for it. But now Raven is having bloody diarrhea. So they definitely can get it twice, yet to see if she gets as sick.

    1. Any updates on your situation? Our puppy died from parvo and we were hoping to get another puppy but a friend’s puppy has parvo and now we are thinking if we get one between now and months from now it will catch it… As it is so highly contagious and hard to be rid of… ????

      1. It is very contagious and very hard to get rid of. Our pup was diagnosed with parvo yesterday and the vet said we shouldn’t get anymore pups in the future if we continue to live here. He said there have been tests where it lasted more than ten years in an area. I would recommend not getting another pup.

  3. Sharmila Ghosh

    My dog Lali suffered from Parvo in mid April 2017 n recovered too. But she stopped eating suddenly n started vomiting n has bloody diarrhea again in mid May 2017. My vet says normally Parvo does not recur but it might have. Is it Parvo again? Can it come back so quickly? After 5 days of full antibiotics n Metrogyl n Botraphase n Rypraz injections… Pls reply asap

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