Okay, Can Cheesecake the Capybara Stop Being So Adorable?

The capybara of Rocky Ridge Refuge is hosting a puppy pool party. The photos are distracting us!


It’s summertime across the country and we here at Dogster HQ wouldn’t know it because this is San Francisco and yours truly actually had to turn on the heater last night. THE HEATER! IN JULY! What did Mark Twain say about the coldest winter? It was his summer in San Francisco? (He didn’t actually say that — anyway, we digress.)

It might be foggy and chilly here in San Francisco, but over in Arkansas, where the critters of Rocky Ridge Refuge hang out, it’s totally hot right now, which means it’s totally time for a pool party.

And not just any pool party, a Cheesecake-hosted puppy pool party.

This baby illustrates how the words “Cheesecake hosted puppy pool party” make us feel:

Here is a list of things we were going to try to get done today, but now we’re totally enamored with this capybara puppy pool party, so, oh well, there goes our day. (We’re not complaining.)

1. Clean our apartment.

2. Possibly go outside?

3. Not stay at the office until some ungodly dark hour.

4. Go to happy hour with our friends.

5. Not stare at the computer forever and ever.

This is what our to-do list looks like now:

1. Look at photos of Cheesecake the capybara and puppy friends splashing in a kiddie pool.

2. Consider moving to Arkansas.

3. Wonder whether it’s legal to have pet capybaras in California.

4. Wish we were puppies.

5. Look at photos of Cheesecake the capybara and puppy friends splashing in a kiddie pool.

Photos via the Rocky Ridge Refuge Facebook page, which if you aren’t following already, then we want to know what the heck is wrong with you.

Check out more of Cheesecake and the Rocky Ridge residents:

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