I Confess I May Be a Little Obsessed with Cool Dog Stuff

Let's take a tour of my house to see all my awesome doggy things. You might get some ideas!


When you get a dog, there are some basics you have to get: bowls for food and water, collar, leash, and a bed. For some people, that’s enough, and that’s okay.

But not for me. I’m pretty much obsessed with cool dog stuff. I didn’t realize how many dog products I had until someone came over and commented on all of our pet paraphernalia as I gave them the tour of the house. Some call it spoiling, but I think I benefit from it most. Not only do the dogs enjoy the toys and gadgets, but I thoroughly enjoy shopping for them.

Let me give you a tour of my cool doggy things!

When you walk in, your feet find themselves on a soft wonder rug made of chenille by Soggy Doggy, which does wonders for doggy footprints. In the living room, you’ll find an extra-large one that I have, on more than one occasion, taken a nap on. At the back doors, there’s a large one waiting to catch those pesky wet paw prints before they can muddy my wood floors. I also have a spare — only because I don’t know where to put it! The cats vote I give it to them as a bed.

In the kitchen and dining area, you’ll find a pet fountain. The dogs and the cats really like to drink from it. The constantly moving water encourages our pets, particularly our cats, to drink more water, which helps prevent urinary tract infections. It holds a surprising amount of water, and is easy enough to take apart to clean. It’s quiet compared to many fountains and really keeps the water clean. I decided to get a fountain after someone asked whether I would drink from my dogs’ water bowl. If I wouldn’t, why should they? Good point!

Nearby, there’s an elevated dog feeder with two large stainless steel bowls. It’s high enough that I can feed the cats underneath. Now that’s convenient. We use stainless steel because plastics are easy to chew up and can collect oils and bacteria, which can (gulp) give your dogs and cats unsightly acne.

In our bedroom, there’s an orthopedic dog bed plus a handmade one for Remi, thanks to Whimsymachegirl on YouTube. The group also has an assortment of throws, blankets, and nighttime snuggle toys. Somehow, the dogs always end up on our bed, especially on weekends. Axle in particular likes to sneak onto the bed and wiggle under the covers after I get up for work.

In my bathroom, there’s a pump bottle for doggy shampoo and just a plain old plastic cup for use in bathing. (I did have a hose that attached to my shower, but the gasket broke, and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it. Shame on me!) In the linen closet, there’s a pair of Furminator drying towels, which operate like a super absorbent doggy robe, as well as the dogs’ own sets of regular towels and bath cloths. There’s also a tote full of nail clippers and various grooming brushes.

When it comes to treats and toys, we aren’t lacking in that department, either. We have two Kong Wobbler toys that Axle and Remi simply adore, as well as a varied assortment of durable and interactive toys.

Thanks to Doggyloot, we have two super funballs that move around on their own, a silicone treat tray, and a should-not-be-without silicone ball for making frozen treats. There’s bottle buddies, plenty of stuffing-free toys, a Tug-a-Jug, squeaky balls, natural chews, you name it!

I probably shouldn’t even admit to the number of collars, leashes, and harnesses that the two of them have. In fact, there are so many that only a few can fit on the two (yes, two) leash/collar holders by the front door. But I do make sure my favorites are handy, such as their walking harnesses. Remi especially likes to walk at the end of the leash and will about choke herself on a collar/leash combination. With the harness, we are able to work on good walking manners without the constant choking — not to mention the strain on my arm!

I always get so excited when I find something new and wonderful for my dogs, especially if I can find a bargain or it supports a good cause. My latest mission is to find more durable, fun toys for Axle and Remi to play with when they are outside. What about you? What fun and exciting things have you found for your dogs?

Looking for more information on the best toys for your dogs? Check out Dogster’s guide to the best toys for your dog.

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