Lucy, the World’s Smallest Working Dog, Is a Rescue Sucess

See cute photos of the Yorkie who holds the Guinness World Record as a therapy dog.


So after the bummer news on Thursday, we all kind of sat around in shock. Then the Dogster team decided, “Aw fluff it, let’s go get lunch.” So we did. After lunch, we had a group hug. And me, being the shortest of the group, got everyone’s armpit in my face. Fortunately, everyone had remembered to wear deodorant. (Yours truly, however … )

You might call me the “smallest employee of Dogster,” and then Lucy the Yorkie and I would have something in common. Lucy is the Guinness World Record holder of Smallest Working Dog. The pint-size rescue is a certified therapy animal, AKC Good Canine Citizen, and certified caring hospice volunteer.

But Lucy’s story almost didn’t have such a happy ending! Lucy was one of a few dogs her former owner was trying desperately to rehome, going so far as taking the dogs door to door to see if anyone would adopt them. She walked into the shop in which the person who would become her new owner, Sally, was working; however, Lucy was hidden in a carrier. Sally asked to see Lucy, and the woman resisted — Lucy was tiny and sickly with dirty, matted fur. But once Sally saw the pup, that was that. She took the dog, unsure of what would happen next except that she’d just made a promise. Fortunately, it all worked out well, and after some grooming and a trip to the vet, the little dog perked right up, and now gives back to her community.

Even though she is tiny, Lucy brings tremendous joy to the people and patients she works with, performing agility tricks that, at least for a little while, distract people from whatever might be ailing them. And for people like me, she’s an inspiration, a reminder that even the smallest among us can do great, great things.

And anyway! There are benefits to being petite, such as:

Buying clothes out of the kids’ section

Okay, sometimes the styles are a little childish, but hey! They’re almost always cheaper!

Sleeping in just about any space

And that includes plane seats!

Fitting inside of other people’s coats

It’s cuddly warm in there!

No sun puddle is too small

Yay! Sunshine!

Looking skinny when compared to everyone else

And when you lose just, like, a pound, you look great!

All photos via Lucy’s Facebook page — go check it out and tell her that Dogster sent you!

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