Everything You Ever Wanted: 7 Videos of Cute, Happy Dogs Wagging Their Tails

L.A. had an earthquake this week, so here are some dogs causing some shaking of their own.


There was a decent-sized earthquake down in Los Angeles this Monday — big enough for me to wake up to a Facebook feed of “Ah! Earthquake!” status updates. When I got to the office, I posted to our Twitter to make sure all of our pals down in Southern California were all right. Those KTLA news anchors were sure freaked out!

Someone responded that they thought the quake was one of their cats shaking the bed — but then they realized it wasn’t just the mattress, it was the entire room! That got me thinking about various evidence, both of the scientific and the anecdotal, that suggests animals have the ability to sense quakes — or even cause quakes.

I’m talking about those instances when a dog wags her tail and the force of it is so strong it registers as a magnitude of 7.0 on the Richter scale … of cuteness!

Fortunately, when a dog’s tail wags, you don’t have to duck for cover. In the cases of these videos, dog owners got out their cameras instead of reaching for their emergency kits. Here are seven impressive examples of tail wagging:

1. Some dogs have really honed control of their tail wag

Like Bruce here.

2. Do you think dogs wag their tails for treats?

This pup seems to hop the refrigerator will open up if she wags enough.

3. The smaller the tail, the greater the force of the wag

Or so it looks like for this spaniel!

4. Or sometimes dogs just like the sound of their own name

Bentley wags his tail when he hears his name — and gets a nice little belly rub as a result.

5. Or they might like the sound their tails make, like a drummer

It’s a pretty happy sound, isn’t it?

6. See what I mean?

Give me a beat, dog friend!

7. Other times a dog just feels so good that he’s gotta wag what his mama gave him

That is one happy, relaxed, confident dog!

Do you love it when your dog wags her tail? What’s your favorite thing about it? Do you have a video you could share?

Top image by Tony Alter

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