Charlie the Beagle “Apologizes” to Baby by Piling Her With Toys

Charlie stole her toy, but in this viral video he makes things better by giving her ALL the toys.


This dog knows infants. He know that if you remove a toy from a baby, payback will be swift and brutal: first a whimper, then a sob, then a cry, then a scream, and so on until you officially feel like the worst thing on Earth. So when this dog removed a toy from a child, he acted just like any parent who has Done The Wrong Thing. He piled the child with ALL the toys, even a Playstation controller, offering her a steady stream of “I’m sorry” gifts like a primitive human giving tributes to a god.

And it worked. The adorable god was appeased. And the Internet melted, with 3 million YouTube views and counting.

Watch Charlie the Beagle and Laura the baby:

As the views piled up and the video went viral, however, a good many commenters felt compelled to clear their throats and write something stupid: Hey, that guy probably just trained that dog to do that!

Here’s what Kevin S had to say about the video:

STOP BEING STUPID AND GULLIBLE, PEOPLE. I think you people are idiots if you really believe he used the music to cover his voice because he’s embarrassed of his bad english or whatever. He did it to cover up the commands to his dog to fetch. Dogs have emotions, yes. Yes, they interact with humans better than any other animal. NO, they are not intelligent enough to comprehend what they did and ‘feel bad’ enough to bring other items to make up for it.

Great comment, Kevin! I hope things are better in the coal mine today.

It got so bad that the dog’s owner finally took to Facebook to fight back against the malcontents of the world such as Kevin S:

When Charlie takes any of Laura’s toys he always gives them back; we keep her toys in the basket, but he loves to open it and bring them to her (WITHOUT ASKING). What’s why we decided to record these moments and put it all together to one video! We use music in it because we speak Polish, which not all people can understand, and when we speak the video wouldn’t be so great.

Here is some short video from that day, to prove to people we don’t force him to do what he is doing. It wasn’t planned or staged. I just wanted to record my Laura and Charlie and how they play fetch. It is so sad people can destroy so easily one of my best moment of life.

Well put, Charlie’s owner. Can’t we just enjoy a dog bringing a baby all the toys? Laura certainly enjoys it.

Check out more on Charlie’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

Read more about rescue on Dogster:

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