Daisy the Basset Hound Stars in Her Own Comic Strip


The first time you check out Daisy’s Facebook page, you might assume that this is one Basset Hound whose life involves the singular pursuit of napping. You’d be right on one level — Daisy is indeed a pooch who has mastered the art of catching 40 winks.

Now it seems that the Oklahoma-born rescue’s leisurely adventures have struck a note with sleep enthusiasts across the world, as she’s notched up a faithful following of fans who keep up with her online comic strip and chuckle away at her sarcastic take on the world.

If you’re not yet up on the charms of this Basset Hound, consider this your introduction to Daisy’s burgeoning corner of the Internet, as well as a guide to her epic vendetta against rabbits.

Always catching some Zzzs …

To say that Daisy enjoys relaxing is an understatement. (Photo courtesy Die Rabbit, Die Facebook page)

Let’s start with Daisy’s achievements in the art of napping. According to her owner, Burt Mummolo, she’s definitely a “pretty mellow” dog.

“Just the other day we were on a walk with Daisy trailing behind,” he explains, “and suddenly the leash almost jerked out of my hand. I turned around to find that she had decided to plop down right in the middle of the street and just take a break.”

Seriously, do not disturb

Daisy for President! (Photo courtesy Die Rabbit, Die Facebook page)

Once Daisy has settled into a snooze, it can be a real chore to attempt to wake her. As Burt says after her impromptu street nap, “At 50 pounds, getting her up can be like lifting a sack of potatoes that doesn’t want to be moved. She’ll squirm just to stay put.”

It’s Daisy’s world

Daisy the musician? (Photo courtesy Die Rabbit, Die Facebook page)

When it comes to the inspiration behind Daisy’s comic strip, Burt says, “I think all dog lovers know that their pooches are very intelligent in their own ways, and who hasn’t wondered what their dog is thinking at one time or another?”

To that end, he envisioned the comic strip as a way to convey Daisy’s thoughts on the world around her. “At first I thought I might get three or four comics out of it,” Burt adds, “but we’re up to around 500 now.”

Daisy’s biggest hits

One of Daisy’s most popular comics. (Photo courtesy Die Rabbit, Die Facebook page)

“The comics that get the most response are either timely or timeless,” explains Burt. “Comics that play off of a Basset Hound’s stereotypical laziness always seem to get a lot of laughs. At the same time, we did one where she was worried about being mistaken for a lion after that dentist killed Cecil over in Africa. That got a lot of interest, too.”

May the force be with you

The force is strong with this Basset Hound. (Photo courtesy Die Rabbit, Die Facebook page)

Anyone following Daisy’s comedic jaunts will have noticed that she regularly features in strips inspired by the Star Wars franchise. “I noticed that because of her long ears combined with the shape of her head, her shadow looks like Darth Vader’s helmet,” explains Burt of her foray over to the sci-fi side. “So we do this ongoing series where her shadow is called Lord Shader and it acts like Darth Vader would.”

Rabbits, beware!

Daisy the arsonist. (Photo courtesy Die Rabbit, Die Facebook page)

Daisy’s Facebook page is affectionately called Die Rabbit, Die! It’s a title that came from one of Daisy’s earliest shenanigans. “I thought Bassets were just big sleepers who lay around all day,” recalls Burt, “but one day we were out walking and she saw a rabbit, and she suddenly turned into this amazing predator, howling and running faster than I could keep up with.

“It was a total visceral response, and it was really wild and surprising to see that kind of transformation take place,” he adds.

A historical vendetta

Beware, rabbits. (Photo courtesy Die Rabbit, Die Facebook page)

It turns out that Daisy’s ongoing battle against the world’s cottontails has deep historical roots. “Basset Hounds were initially bred to be rabbit hunters way back in the the 1500s in France,” explains Burt. “So it’s definitely in their blood; it’s what they were born to do. Hence, the name of the comic strip.”

Shameless self-promotion

Thanks, Daisy! (Photo courtesy Die Rabbit, Die Facebook page)

As a gift to Dogster readers, Daisy agreed to star in a custom comic strip that you can check out above. It’s a move that was motivated by her enduring pursuit of “shameless self-promotion.” Touche, Daisy, touche.

Head on over to Daisy’s Facebook page for more of her antics. Rabbits not allowed.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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