Denmothers — Its Not Just for Ridgeback Lovers

If there is a breeder or rescuer or dog shower on your gift list, mark them off now. Order however many copies of Denmothers you...


Denmothers- Clayton heathcock and Dawn

Real Life Dog Stories

If there is a breeder, rescuer or dog shower on your gift list, mark them off now. Order however many copies of Denmothers you need to fill those gift slots and you’re done! Denmothers is unlike any other movie out there and best represents the real life experiences of dog enthusiasts across the board. The subject is Rhodesian Ridgebacks and people who love them but it could be any breed.

Denmothers cover
Are you a rescuer? Are you a responsible dog breeder? Do you participate in dog shows or agility? Have you ever been at the side of a whelping box when little heads broke through for their first breaths? Have you been at the side of beloved dog when it was time to say goodbye? Have you ever loved a dog so much it could break your heart just to look in her eyes? You’ll see yourself here in a realistic but loving light. Denmothers is a big, warm, sometimes sloppy hug to denmothers (and denfathers) everywhere.

Filmmaker Keegan Walden shows the beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful facets of life in the dog world. This is an excellent first film from a voice I hope we hear from many times in the future.

As I watched Denmothers I kept flashing back to my experiences that mirrored those on the DVD. But that’s the one problem with this documentary; it gives you a few too many places to mentally wander. Instead of directing the story with a voice over, the story seems to wander through the lives of different people involved in different aspects of dog life.

There are several scenes that seem to last a bit too long where breeders take us through an actual breeding and their explanations of how they breed dogs. Some people may find this interesting but as someone who has been around dog breeding I found that section not as important to the story as the others. Like I said, that might just be me.
Denmothers -- Jerry Langlais
But hang on through the few slow parts because it gets better! It almost seems that Walden and his real on-screen people loosen up and when they do, the rest of the DVD flies by! In fact, I found most of the DVD so compelling I was laughing and crying with these very honest people as they rejoiced at births and suffered the tortures of the damned when they had to release or euthanize a dog.

So final verdict? If you’re a REAL dog person get Denmothers! You might even want to get some for raffle prizes or share a showing together at your home or group. The few shortcomings of the film are greatly overshadowed by the honesty and down-to-earth beauty of Denmothers! This is not another Hollywood movie that uses dogs as plot devices or sources of comedy. This is an ACTUAL dog story told about dogs, people who love dogs and how dogs change their lives. And isn’t that what REAL dog people have been hungry for — REAL dog stories and films?

Thanks Keegan Walden and all those who participated in making this film. You showed the rest of the filmmakers how dog films should be done! I’m waiting for your next one!

Denmothers -- show

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