Treat Your Dog to … Different Types of Dog Accessories

Dog accessories vary from the must-haves (breakaway collars and ID tags) to the fun stuff (dresses and puppy-friendly pajamas). Let’s look at different types of dog accessories right here.

Dog in personal flotation device or lifejacket by the water.
Dog in personal flotation device or lifejacket by the water. Photography by GoDogPhoto/Thinkstock.

Want to give your dog a fun new look? Take a peek at some of the most adorable, practical and fun dog accessories to give your pup a little extra style! Remember — never dress up a dog who seems stressed by any new accessories or clothing.

1. Dog Tags

Cherry Blossoms Sakura — Dog Tag, Tag Me Pet Tags ($33).
Cherry Blossoms Sakura — Dog Tag, Tag Me! Pet Tags ($33).

I.D. tags don’t have to be boring and utilitarian. Custom-designed dog tags are a great way to accessorize your dog’s daily look. “Tag Me! Pet Tags are not your typical pet tags,” says Wendy from Tag Me! Pet Tags, which is based in Upstate New York. “They’re fun and they show off your pet’s personality with design and some color. If people don’t see a design they like, I can help [them] come up with a new design.”

2. Pajamas for Dogs

Fleece Dog Pajamas, DonoSews ($35.99).
Fleece Dog Pajamas, DonoSews ($35.99).

Are you ready for a slumber party with your dog? Doggie jammies are a cute and comfortable accessory for your Pit Bull — or any breed or mixed-breed dog. Amy Donovan of DonoSews says she started making pajamas for Pit Bulls to do her part to change the image of the breed. “I mean, it’s pretty difficult to be terrified of a Pit Bull in pajamas. [This] makes the breed more approachable, which allows people to discover just how friendly and happy these dogs can be. This is one of the ways I’m able to advocate for misunderstood Pittes.”

3. Dog Collars

Summer Dog Collar, PixieGirlTreats ($22.50).
Summer Dog Collar, PixieGirlTreats ($22.50).

Why not treat your dog to a fancy new luxury collar to go with his identification tag? When picking a new collar for your dog, make sure that it’s weight approved for the size of your dog. Breakaway collars are the safest option for your dog. Choose a seasonal print or color and swap the collars out every few weeks.

4. Dog Leashes

Premium LED Flashing Dog Leash USB Rechargeable, Spotlite ($20.99).
Premium LED Flashing Dog Leash USB Rechargeable, Spotlite ($20.99).

It stays light later this time of year, but if you find yourself out on evening or early-morning adventures with your dogs, a light-up leash is the perfect accessory to keep you and your dog visible. “After walking our dogs at night, we felt invisible to oncoming cars,” explains Spotlite co-founder Matt Silk. “We thought there had to be a safer way to be seen. We designed The Spotlite Leash to add visibility and protection for you and your pet using the brightest LED technology and reflective stitching.”

5. Bandanas for Dogs

Bright Leaves Dog Bandana, The Foggy Dog ($24).
Bright Leaves Dog Bandana, The Foggy Dog ($24).

Jazz up your dog’s wardrobe with a bandana. Bandanas are available in every imaginable pattern and style to fit your dog’s unique look, festive gathering — or to even complement your outfit!

6. Backpacks for Dogs


Going on adventures with your dog this summer? Think about hooking him up with his very own backpack! Backpacks are great accessories for active dogs and will allow your dog to carry his own toys or treats. Look for backpacks like this one from Kurgo that are ergonomically designed to support even weight distribution. Also, be sure to start with very light items (like toys) and speak to your veterinarian before adding anything of weight to your dog’s pack.

7. Flotation Devices for Dogs

FLOAT COAT™, Ruffwear ($79.95).
FLOAT COAT™, Ruffwear ($79.95).

Looking to engage in fun water activities this summer? Outfit your dog with his very own life preserver! Dog life vests have reflective accents and include a handle so you can pull your dog out of the water if you ever need to. Even dogs who are strong swimmers should wear a flotation device while around water.

8. Dresses for Dogs


Is your pup looking for the perfect outfit for a garden party? There’s nothing practical about dresses for dogs, but they sure are adorable!

Thumbnail: Photography by GoDogPhoto/Thinkstock.

Tell us: What are your favorite dog accessories?

June is Treat Your Pup Month here at Dogster! Stay tuned on for fun ways to spoil your canine with different types of treats, accessories and more.

Sassafras Lowrey is an award-winning author whose novels have been honored by the Lambda Literary Foundation and the American Library Association. Sassafras is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and assists with dog agility classes. She lives and writes in Brooklyn with her partner, a senior Chihuahua mix, a rescued Shepherd mix, a Newfoundland puppy, two bossy cats and a semi-feral kitten. Learn more at

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