Do Dogs Develop Moles or Warts?

My dog has moles or warts that are flesh-colored. Should I worry about these, or are they normal? "I heart Indiana" San Francisco, CA They're...


My dog has moles or warts that are flesh-colored. Should I worry about these, or are they normal?

“I heart Indiana”
San Francisco, CA

They’re probably nothing to worry about.

As dogs mature, they frequently develop small, wartlike growths on their skin, similar to moles in humans. These masses usually are benign. Some dogs develop only a few over their lives, while others grow many more.

The most common growth in dogs is a sebaceous adenoma. Despite the scary-sounding name, these masses are harmless.

Although I’m not worried about your dog, I do recommend that you have your vet assess and possibly test each mass to make sure that it isn’t dangerous.

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3 thoughts on “Do Dogs Develop Moles or Warts?”

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  2. Carmen Larios- Mejia

    My dog has “pimples” under her skin for almost 2 years. She is on 1/2 tablet of Apoquel twice a day now. When the pimples dry out her hair goes with them; she lost all her hair on the torso, she started regrowing some hair but, the pimples are back. Her shampoo is Duoxo calm or seborrhea, it helps.
    She is going back to the Vet for antibiotic prescription.
    I hope it helps.
    Do anybody has a similar problem? What are they doing to alleviate this condition.

    1. Vets lie to their owners, red flag you see it did not work for your dog, take that as a lesson, dogs survive on more harsh health than humans and vets use the humans sentiment for their animals to make $ so people are fooled into paying out thousands of $’s for their animals

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