Do These Dog Make-Out Photos Gross You Out?

I don't even like kissing people, so these pictures of humans macking on dogs give me the willies.


These are things that gross me out that other people don’t seem to mind:

  • Eating in bed. (I broke up with someone over this.)
  • The toilet seat lid left upright. (It was actually a dude who got me in the habit of closing everything.)
  • Food in dark cabinets. (I dunno why, it just does.)
  • Kissing and making out. (But I’m fine with everything else.)
  • Kissing and making out with dogs. (I love dogs, but … no.)

But I have to recognize that to each her own. For example, Community Manager Lori Malm loves to eat in bed. I can see how it might be luxurious, but oh god, the crumbs — the crumbs! And Editor-in-Chief Janine Kahn totally makes out with Moxie — tongue and everything. My favorite office dog here at work is Ramona the Love Terrier, who belongs to ReadWrite’s Editor-in-Chief Owen Thomas. And I looove her, but one time she licked me on the mouth and it horrified me, and I rushed to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

That is not the case for the subjects of these photos. Taken by Philadelphia photographer Chris Sembrot (a dog-lover himself, though it’s unknown how he kisses his dogs), these images are what happens when you ask dog owner and their dogs to go in for a little peck … or an enthusiastic tongue swipe.

While I appreciate the obvious love and comfort between humans and canines, I just … I can’t look at some of these without twitching.

What about you? Do you kiss your dog on the mouth? Or is that off limits? Let us know in the comments!

All photos by Chris Sembrot

H/T Huffington Post

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