Does Your Dog Sleep Around?

Dear Dogsters:Whether or not there'sone specialhuman for us to have and to hold on this day sofraught with romanticexpectation, let's celebratethis Valentine's Day by appreciating...


Dear Dogsters:Whether or not there’sone specialhuman for us to have and to hold on this day sofraught with romanticexpectation, let’s celebratethis Valentine’s Day by appreciating our dogs – and how theyrefuse tolet conventional notions of romance get in the way of a good time, today or any day of the year.

Some dogs are friends – they’rehappy to see each other at the dog park, say, or out on the street, or whenever theirpeople arrange play dates for them. But some dogs are friends with benefits. Exhibit A: Molly B. Rubin and Max Katz.

Molly B. Rubin is a dog with a high profile. The mascot of Crypton Super Fabrics, which manufactures dog beds tested by famous Dogsters, the 7-year-old Michigander mixed-breed has an entire collection of posh, comfydog beds named after her. And, as befits a four-footed celebrity, Molly has many admirers. She’s even had her portrait, above,painted by artist Heather LaHaise.

Molly is a popular gal, but her favorite suitor hashistorically been Max Katz, a 5-year-old mutt whoseancestry includes someWheaten terrier andsome Chow Chow.While Molly has never known anything but the pampered life, Max rose from hard, humble beginnings. He was lucky to end up atFlorida’s excellentBroward County Humane Society, which connected him with his “furever” home.

The two dogs, whose people are great friends,quickly became an item, spending time together in both Michigan and Florida. They take long walks together andeat out at restaurants together. They’ve neverlocked lips overa plate ofspaghetti alla Disney, but they doshare toys and sleep together (on Crypton dog beds, of course). Neither kicks the other out of bed.

Sounds like a real-life “Lady and the Tramp” tale:Sheltered girly-dog and hard-luck shelter mutt trot off into the sunset together. Except Molly B. Rubin had other plans. And now, some are calling this little lady … a tramp.

You see, it appears that Molly likes to play the field. She puts the 7-year “itch” in bitch. While Max was out of the picture, enjoying the warm weather in Florida, Molly kept warm in cold Detroit by opting to sleep with a differentyounger male companion: 6-year-old Paco the Chihuahua, the pet of a Crypton employee.

This office affair began innocently enough, but soon escalated to bed-sharing. It didn’t help matters that, whereverMolly and Pacoturned, there was a plush, comfy dog bed beckoning them – nay, ordering them – to have a nap. Who could possibly resist temptation like that? I’m only human, but I’ve fallen asleep more than once while cuddlinga dog onaCrypton bed – it’s that comfortable!But I digress.

Come on, the girl couldn’t help it – blame it on those extra-comfy dog beds, which are enough to put anyone in the mood for a nap. Evidently, thoroughly modern Molly’s theme song is “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.”

Well in advance of this special day, Crypton was all set to launch aromantic Valentine’s Day conteston Facebook and Twitter celebrating Molly and Max and their longstanding love affair. But in light of Molly’s recent behavior, CryptonCEO Randy Rubin felt her dog’sspirit of amorous adventure completely squashed the romantic mood. The Valentine’s Day promotion was a bust.

“It’s important that social media be authentic,” explains Rubin, who seems crushed by her K9’s infidelity.”Max is the kind of guy who would never look around,” she adds.

What do you think, Dogsters? Should dogs be expected toremain faithful to one K9 companion? Or should they have license to sleep around? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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