Dog Ate Your Homework? No! A Diamond Wedding Ring!

Lisa Matykowski lost her ring six years ago -- and recently, her dog threw it up in the backyard.


The old excuse, “The dog ate my homework,” is such a cliché that it became an obvious dodge long ago. You might as well say “I decided to blow it off and shotgun the last three seasons of Doctor Who on Netflix,” for all the good it would do you. Plus, these days, if the dog really did eat your homework, it would probably entail Fido chowing down on the insides of a laptop or tablet, which makes it even more improbable.

Unless, of course, you’ve read the story of Lois Matykowski. She lost her wedding ring about six years ago, and just last week found it in that most cliché of places: The family dog’s digestive tract.

“My husband and I had been married for 20 years at that time,” she told ABC News. “We had just upgraded the ring, and it wasn’t insured. And it wasn’t just the value, but also the emotional ties. How do you replace that?”

The Matykowskis’ 10-year-old Rottweiller, Tucker, has a reputation for eating things he’s not supposed to. So much so that he’s been nicknamed “The Food Burglar.” That reputation is actually how the couple found the ring. When Lois Matykowski was in the backyard eating popsicles with her granddaughters, she got up for a moment to get some water for Tucker. For his part, Tucker apparently saw that as an opportunity to go for the popsicles.

“Just when I turned around and looked at my granddaughter, the popsicle was gone already,” Matykowski said. “And there was Tucker smacking his jaws.”

That would be mildly annoying and make for an amusing anecdote, except for one thing: Tucker ate the stick as well. Matykowski called the vet, who advised her to feed Tucker two slices of bread smeared with Vaseline.

By this point, it will surprise no one that Tucker ate the Vaseline sandwich without hesitation. The stick came right back up, and all seemed to be right with the world.

But two days later, Tucker started to get sick again.

“He was making goofy noises, and was acting like he was going to throw up,” Matykowski said.

Her husband got him out into the backyard just in time for Tucker to throw up. When Lois came out to clean up the mess, there was something sparkling in the middle of the vomit.

“I screamed. I kid you not,” she said.

After polishing it up with a toothbrush and paste, it looked as good as ever.

After finding the ring, the vet X-rayed Tucker, just to make sure there weren’t any other treasures lurking in his digestive tract. For now, at least, it seems that he’s clean. But he hasn’t given up his thieving ways, so there will be reason to keep an eye on him.

WAOW – Newsline 9, Wausau News, Weather, Sports

Via ABC News

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