Let’s Talk: Do Your Dogs Have Favorites in Your Household?

My dogs try not to play favorites, but they do have their go-to people. How about yours?


You’ve heard of the expressions “daddy’s girl” and “momma’s boy.” Depending on the context, these can be viewed as positive comments; other times they’re not looked upon so favorably. For our family, these terminologies are very accurate and we view them as being positive most of the time. When we say these phrases, it has nothing to do with any children in our household. It has everything to do with our furry puppy children, however. Our toy Schnauzer, Dusty, is definitely a daddy’s girl. Our Miniature Schnauzer, Kramer, is definitely a momma’s boy.

Now don’t get me wrong, we love both of our dogs equally. We try our best to treat them in the same way. One doesn’t go anywhere without the other getting to go, too. The treats are distributed evenly and love is doled out on an equal basis. We try to keep everything equal between the both of them. In turn, both of our dogs like to spend time with each of us. Sometimes they provide us attention at the same time and other times in separate doses. They like to provide cuddles and puppy kisses to one of us and then switch to the other person to even things out. Yes, I would say a good 85 percent of the time we are all on the same level playing field. It’s just that other 15 percent of the time that separates which dog is fonder of which person.

Dusty and I formed a special bond long before we even met. There was just this heart connection that I had with her from the first picture I saw of her. Her white thick fur and cute petite body looked like a little cotton ball when she was first born. By the time she arrived in our home, she was eight weeks old and weighed in at a whopping four pounds. She was placed in my hands and the rest was history. I spent day and night with her over the next months. I was her constant play partner, as she demanded constant attention. I spent the most time with her when she needed to go for a walk and go potty. I was also responsible for carrying her up and down the stairs since she was too small to navigate our large stairs by herself. The bond was formed early and reinforced often. Even though she loves her momma, Dusty is a true daddy’s girl.

As for Kramer, he just seemed to naturally gravitate towards my wife, Kim. He was so shy and timid when we first brought him into our home. He rarely made a noise and he made it a real challenge to put a leash on him in order to walk him outside. It took me several weeks to convince him that I was an “okay” guy and that he was staying at this house forever. He had previously bounced around between several homes before we adopted him at 15 months. However, Kim was able to get him to come to her from the get go. He gravitated towards her calm demeanor and she showed him infinite amounts of patience. I believe what won him over was the constant affection that she bestowed upon him. She gave him so many hugs and kisses that I started calling her granny since she reminded me of how her grandmother used to act with her.

On most runs in the park and nights when our cats are outside, I spend time with Kramer. He loves to run and I am the only one who can halfway keep up with him. At night, he gets quite intense when he sees the cats outside. Those are the times when Kim walks with Dusty since she doesn’t run as fast as Kramer and she couldn’t care less about the cats being in her immediate surroundings. As long as she is outside and gets to explore, she’s happy. She loves to take her time and investigate everything to see what’s going on or what’s changed.

Each night, that 15 percent that differentiates the two dogs really comes into play. Every evening, we manage to steal an hour or two from our busy day to just be with each other and our dogs. We unwind while watching a little television. Kim will be on one couch with Kramer lying beside her on his pillow. He’ll spend the evening snoozing, getting belly rubs and cuddling as close to Kim as possible. While Dusty and I stake claim to the other couch, I’ll stretch out and Dusty will lie next to me. She will prop her head up on a pillow or on my legs, as long as I’m not fidgeting. She will stretch out to show her soft pink belly surrounded by her powdery soft white fur. At that point, I know it’s her belly-rubbing time.

Both of our dogs match our personalities and lifestyles perfectly. A lot of love and joy are present in our family and we make a concerted effort to share it every day. Though sometimes favoritism does come into play, it works for all of us!

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About Tim Link: All-American guy who loves to rock out to Queen while consuming pizza and Pinot Noir and prefers to associate with open-minded people who love all critters. Considers himself to be the literal voice for all animals. Author, writer, radio host, Reiki Master, Animal Communicator and consultant at Wagging Tales.

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