Vigilant Pooch Wages War Against … Bubbles? Bubbles!

It's a dangerous world out there. Good thing we have our dogs to protect us from floating intruders.


Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Sometimes our dogs protect us from danger, like when they scare an intruder off with their sharp, intentioned barks. But sometimes they try to protect us from things that are not all that harmful at all. Like bubbles.

Who knows why dogs like to eat bubbles, but it’s such a frequent occurrence that there are even flavored bubbles designed specifically for dogs to chase and chew. Is it their strangeness? The way they float down like feathers? An ancient animosity written in the cosmos before any of us came in to consciousness? Did the Lord of Bubbles once chase all the dogs from his kingdom long ago and now almost all dogs are sworn to eat them? Whatever the reason, this pup is on duty, and doing a thorough job of making sure that pearly soap gets nowhere NEAR the ground he’s guarding.

Sometimes it’s a shadow that poses a threat, or a play partner. This puppy seems both attracted to and scared of his own shadow, unable to decide whether he’s facing a friend or foe. Somebody get this pup a mirror and let the hilarity really ensue!

Or sometimes it’s that thing where you leave one room for another, only realizing that you’ve forgotten why you came into the second room, so you walk back to the first room, where you remember why you went to the second room, so you go back, and then forget, so you return, where you remember, so you go back, only to forget … yeah, you get the picture. This little doggie, however, doesn’t seem to get it. We hope she remembers soon!

What’s the strangest thing your dog is afraid of? We had an Aussie who seemed pretty convinced that the garden sprinklers were monsters rising out of the ground!

Photo: Cute Beagle with soap bubbles by

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