Dog-Friendly Breweries to Try This Summer

Looking for a way to meet new people and friends for your dog? Try going to a dog friendly brewery! In this article, we go over the do's and don'ts of breweries.

Photography by: ©Shot Share | Getty Images
Photography by: ©Shot Share | Getty Images

Here in Arizona, we’re known for al fresco dining, where the weather is perfect for about six months out of the year. Our outdoor dining patios are filled to the brim during our 75-degree Fahrenheit days. The same goes for craft breweries that seemingly pop up everywhere these days in urban areas. There’s nothing better than a pint on a patio on a beautiful day, so why not experience it with your best friend?

Spots for Spot

Breweries across the country are fully embracing the dog-friendly trend and creating inviting spaces for dogs and humans alike, both inside and outside.

O.H.S.O. brewery, with several locations across Phoenix, Arizona, hosts dog-friendly patios at each location. The locations offer free dog biscuits made with spent grain from the brewery, a dog wash, disposable dog bowls, all-you-can-drink water and free sniffs! O.H.S.O. earned a preferred badge, indicating that the brewery is friendly to pooches.

Plenty of dog friendly breweries, like OHSO Brewery, offer free dog treats! Photography by: © Erica Dermer
Plenty of dog friendly breweries, like OHSO Brewery, offer free dog treats! Photography by: © Erica Dermer

Uncle Bear’s, in Gilbert, Arizona, annually partners with the Arizona Humane Society for “Pints For Paws!” During this sponsored weekend, Uncle Bear’s raises $1 for the Arizona Humane Society for each beer sold at its dog-friendly brewery during Beer Week. In 2019, it raised more than $10,000.

Photography by: © Arizona Humane Society
Photography by: © Arizona Humane Society

Empirical Brewery in Chicago, Illinois, not only has a dog-friendly taproom but also a squad of Brewery cats! It’s not a surprise to see a dog’s birthday party at Empirical, celebrating with dogs and humans alike in this brewery. They’ve also hosted a “Where Bark Meets Business” networking night — where dogs and local professional humans “shake” and learn new tricks!
Scottsdale Beer Company, a dog-friendly brewery in Phoenix, Arizona, recently launched Puppy Kisses IPA in collaboration with the Arizona Humane Society. Proceeds from the beer sales go to support the society’s programs like its “Mutternity” Ward.

Photo courtesy of Scottsdale Beer Co.
Photo courtesy of Scottsdale Beer Co.

No Drinks for Fido!

Dogs and hops are a dangerous mix. Beer is made with water, grain, yeast and hops, which are toxic for dogs. Symptoms include, vomiting, labored breathing and fluctuations in body temperature, plus it may lead to kidney damage.

Photography by: ©Getty Images
Photography by: ©Getty Images

Yes, dogs can get alcohol poisoning (ethanol toxicosis in dogs). They are smaller than us and, of course, their kidneys just weren’t created to process alcohol. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, trouble urinating, comas and heart failure.

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Not for your dog

While it sure looks like all fun and games in these dog-friendly breweries and patios, manners still apply to humans and animals alike. Understanding your own dog and how she interacts with others is key.

If your dog is easily stressed out by new smells, lots of noise and a gathering of people in an enclosed area, these busy patios on weekends aren’t for you! If your dog is fearful of other dogs or guards his food or toys, then the dog patio is definitely not her scene. I’ve seen four-legged patrons dodging feet and getting wrapped around stools and chairs trying to stay with their human.

Do’s and don’ts

Check out the digs first before bringing your pet. Keep your pup safe throughout your visit by keeping an eye on other dogs and humans, especially the little ones.

Photography by: Teresa Blosio @ilovelucyaussie
Photography by: Teresa Blosio @ilovelucyaussie

In this type of enclosed space, strange dogs and humans will be approaching your dog. Absolutely do not tether your dog to the table and walk away. This puts your dog in a situation where he has no choice but to fight if he’s scared, since flight is not an option, and a strange place with strangers is a very stressful situation. Keep your dog with you at all times so you can monitor all activity and can rescue your dog if she shows signs of stress.

Brewery Bites

  • Your dog is going to get lots of unsolicited pets from strangers. If your dog isn’t human-friendly, don’t go.
  • If your dog is having an issue with another dog, move to another table or take a walk and come back when Fido has calmed down.
  • If you don’t know how your dog is going to act at a dog-friendly brewery, go with another human who can pay your bill in case you have to leave suddenly if it’s just not working out.
  • If your dog is on a controlled diet, make sure the floor of the patio or your table is clean! Bring a few of your own treats or a bag of your dog’s food.
  • If you’re thirsty for another pint, refill your dog’s bowl at the same time!
  • Keep your pet out of direct sunlight on hot days — even in the brewery.
  • Dogs should always be kept on a short leash throughout your brewery visit. Be aware of the area — watch out for any new dogs, small children or pet-happy adults.
  • Bring poop bags! You never know when — or where — the urge will strike!
  • Check out the menu ahead of time. There may be a special dog-friendly menu where you can treat your dog.
  • Breweries typically have a list of dog-friendly rules for you to follow. For instance, some dog-friendly breweries that don’t serve food do not allow you to bring in treats for your dog so there are no dog skirmishes.

Thumbnail: ©Shot Share | Getty Images

About the author:

Erica Dermer, a freelance writer and editor from Phoenix, is a stay-at-home cat mom to a beautiful tortoiseshell cat named Mushu and posts photos of her pets on the @TerribleMurph Instagram account.

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