Can the EZ Steps Comfort Leash Endure Ace’s Pulling on Walks?

This dog leash is designed to absorb shock while walking an excitable dog -- and it sounds like just the thing for Ace.


Living in San Francisco, Ace and I spend much of our time together tethered to either end of a leash. Whether it’s a quick potty run or a weekend urban hike, I keep Ace leashed for her safety and my own peace of mind as we sniff about the streets. Sometimes I lament that our leash dance is a bit out of step. Ace tends to pull at times when approaching something interesting, like a pigeon or a discarded piece of food. Despite her petite size, if I’m not paying attention she can jerk my arm uncomfortably.

If your dog has developed similar bad leash habits, you may have tried one of the many products designed to curb such behavior (until you find the time to consult a professional trainer, of course). The EZ Steps Comfort Leash by Bergan ($9.99) is a bit different than most of these products, as it aims to address the discomfort of walking a wandering dog and not to reduce the dog’s pulling.

Using “Easy Pull Technology,” the EZ Steps Comfort Leash is designed to stretch with your unruly pup. The woven nylon leash also features a padded handle. The leash is 48 inches long and comes in two sizes (small and large) and four colors (black, blue, pink, and purple).

Ace and I sampled the black EZ Steps Comfort Leash in size small. We used it on a variety of walks over the course of a week. I like the look of the florescent yellow contrast stitching against the black leash. The nylon appears durable, and the metal clip is an appropriate size and weight for a small dog.

I like the lightly padded handle on the EZ Steps Comfort Leash. I think the leash would benefit from a metal loop or D-ring from which to hang a poop bag dispenser, but I just attached my dispenser to the handle itself and it worked well.

The Easy Pull Technology is less scientifically advanced than its fancy title suggests –- it is a 7.5-inch long strip of thick elastic (shown in yellow in my photos). The elastic is stitched in such a way that it appears fairly durable for use with a small dog. I’m curious whether the size large leash uses thicker elastic and whether it holds up to large dogs pulling.

When I received the leash and found that the Easy Pull Technology was simple elastic, I was skeptical about its ability to make a difference in my walks with Ace. I found the EZ Steps Comfort Leash did provide some shock absorption in certain situations. I noticed the leash cushioned Ace’s pulling when she tugged mildly and when the tugging was intermittent. For example, if she suddenly pulled off to the side to sniff the base of a lamppost and then went back on track, the leash would reduce the typical jerking I tend to feel on my end of the leash.

The EZ Steps Comfort Leash did not make a difference during Ace’s sustained pulling, such as when we were within one block of her favorite dog park. With sustained pulling, the elastic was simply stretched to capacity.

I didn’t see any sign that Ace could feel the cushioning effect of the EZ Steps Comfort Leash. Ace didn’t seem bothered by the elasticity of the leash, and walked as though nothing were different.

I usually walk Ace with a simple flat nylon leash (the Lupine Padded Handle Leash, $10.99), which is similar to the EZ Steps Comfort Leash in terms of size and design, except for the Easy Pull Technology. Both leashes are similarly priced. I think the EZ Steps Comfort Leash is a great alternative to a run-of-the-mill nylon leash, since in some situations the elasticity does provide a smoother ride. However, if you are hoping this leash will make it significantly more comfortable to walk your wild dog, you will be disappointed. Maybe it’s time to spring for that professional trainer?

Dogster Scorecard for the EZ Steps Comfort Leash by Bergan:

  • Quality: The size small leash appears sturdy and strong enough for small dogs.
  • Style: The leash comes in four bright colors; I like the leash’s contrast stitching and padded handle.
  • Function: The leash’s elasticity smoothed out mild, intermittent tugs, but it did not soften the feel of stronger or sustained tugging.
  • Creativity: This leash is a one-of-a-kind attempt at a smoother walk.
  • Value: For $9.99, this leash is as sturdy as similarly priced flat leashes but offers a little something extra.

Bottom line

The colorful EZ Steps Comfort Leash features an elastic band that reduces the impact of mild, intermittent tugging.

Dogster readers, share your recommendations for amazing leashes in the comments below!

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About the Author: This East Coast transplant enjoys the bounty of San Francisco, including its microclimates, farmers’ markets, and secret stairway walks. When she’s not walking with, talking about, or kissing the face of her Boston Terrier, Ace, she blogs about Ace’s adventures. Product reviews writer and guinea pig at Dogster.

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