Dog Lovers Fight Back Against Dog Fighting App

It wasbad enoughwhenAndroid unleashed Kage System's Dog Warsthe first time. The controversial app outraged animal advocates by promoting dog fighting, enabling users to feed, train,...


It wasbad enoughwhenAndroid unleashed Kage System’s Dog Warsthe first time. The controversial app outraged animal advocates by promoting dog fighting, enabling users to feed, train, and drug pit bulls to make them killing machines.

Now, the app is back in a “new and improved” form, renamed … KG Dog Fighting. But this time, animal advocates are fighting back.

“Iwould like the developers of this app to spendjust oneday with us dog rescuers, to see the pain and suffering inflicted on these animals, andthe tremendous amount of effort thatgoes into rehabilitating and saving them,” says nationally-recognized animal advocate Robert Misseri ofGuardians of Rescue.

But dogs aren’t the only ones harmed by suchdamaging depictions, Misseri adds; impressionable children areequally vulnerable to learningthe very bad lesson that pit bull fighting is OK.

Dog fighting is decidedly not OK; it’s illegal and immoral, and anything that glamorizes it – such as this Android app – threatens to create the next generation of ruthlless, organized dog fighters.

In a brilliantly creative move,Urban Animal Alliance (UAA) – a new organization that is already making a big difference nationally – offers a humane alternative. Two months from now, in late October, the UAAwill release a new iPhone application called Operation: Rescue, an app that will allow you to take care of a rescued pit bull.

Operation: Rescue lets users to rescue and rehabilitate pit bulls previously forced into dog fighting rings. It willinspire kids and adults alike tolook pastthe negative stereotypes of the breed. Choose, feed, play with, and take care of your dog to win points and to advance to the next level.

The UAApromises thatit will not release this app for Android untilGooglepermanently removes KG Dog Fighting and any related apps that glorify dog fighting. And 100 percent of proceeds from sales of the app will go to preventing and rescuing pit bulls from dog fighting.

An all-volunteer nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of and ultimately ending dog fighting and animal abuse in urban America, the UAA uses hip-hop music and urban culture to form a unique brand of edutainment to tackle this important issue. On UAA’s teamare the rappersK-Lethal and Jeff J*Roc Hanc, who issued this joint statement:

“Nobody denies the power, reach, and influence of mobile apps and app games in today’s world, especially when it comes to children and young people. An app like Dog Wars/ KG Dogfighting, with its graphic realism and well-researched dog fighting and training techniques, almost serves as a user’s manual for future dog fighters. We, The UAA, on the other hand, are trying to use the mobile app platform in a creative, positive, and engaging way. Our goal isto educate kids on the joys of animal care, and toseebeyond the bad hype of pit bulls -and to do it all in a way that’s very entertaining and fun for kids. Operation: Rescue is cool for kids and correct for parents!

“We – theGuardians and our fellow dog rescue groups – will be supporting UAA’s efforts 100 percent,” Misseri concludes. “I urge anyone who cares about dogs to visit UAA’s web site and view the inspiring, anti-dog fighting video.”

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