Monkey the Saint Bernard Tries Out the RuffGrip Dog Leash

This leash promises a non-slip grip and no more rope burns. But is that possible even with a 140-pound Saint Bernard who loves to pull?


It’s no secret that my 140-pound, 18-month-old Saint Bernard is a huge fan of pulling on the leash. Obviously this is a behavior we’re working to fix, but in the meantime, my hands literally have peeling callouses that no amount of hand lotion can fix. Which is why when I was given the opportunity to try the RuffGrip leash that promises “no more rope burns,” I was waving my tired hands in the air yelling, “Yes, please.”

The folks at RuffGrip were kind enough to also send a matching, rolled 1-inch leather collar, which at $18.95 is an amazing deal for the classic, sophisticated look. Monkey was previously sporting a nylon collar that tended to slip and stretch when he pulled, so this was a welcome treat. Plus, a rolled leather collar doesn’t mat his hair down like a flat collar does. Sure, you can’t even really see it thanks to how furry Monkey is, but whatever, I know he’s sporting a stylish collar, and that’s all that matters.

But back to the leash.

The RuffGrip Leash combines rubber, nylon, and leather and promises to be practically indestructible. The woven design and leather “stops” every six inches prevent slipping so you have more control; the leather bands give your fingers something to grab onto when you need to shorten the leash.

This means you never have to wrap the leash around your hand, which, thanks to Monkey’s insane strength, would be a really stupid and dangerous thing for me to do, at least if I wanted to keep my fingers. To put the leash to a true test, I used it to walk Monkey around the Village at Squaw Valley, a Tahoe ski resort, but also doggy paradise.

Squaw has every single thing that would make a dog want to pull: tons of outdoor food, throngs of people, snow that’s just begging to be peed on, but mostly lots and lots of dogs, many off-leash. Did Monkey pull on our adventure? Sure. But was it much easier to control him since the leash wasn’t burning my hands and fingers? Absolutely, thanks to the fact that it was easy to keep a firm grip without any of the slipping that happens with most leashes. Plus, now that I’ve used a leash with a padded leather handle, it would be impossible to go back to nylon. Does that make me sound a little spoiled? Sure. Do my hands deserve to be a little spoiled after a year and a half of being torn up by “regular” leashes? They definitely think so.

The other good thing about the leash, especially considering Monkey is a part-time Tahoe dog, is that the grip works in any kind of weather. Sadly, we’re in a major drought in California so I haven’t been able to test the leash in the rain or snow yet, but RuffGrip promises that wet or dry, hot or cold, the leash won’t slip. So far we’ve only tested it out in mild weather, but it’s obvious that this leash is more durable than any others we’ve used, so I feel confident that it’s going to last long enough for us to test it during snowy blizzards and sticky summer days. I mean, if South African security teams in Iraq use the leash in 135 degree F heat and if Alaskan rescue teams use it in freezing cold temps (both according to the makers), I have a feeling it’s going to be perfect for me and Monkey and our California lifestyle.

Dogster scorecard for the RuffGrip Leash

  • Quality: A++. Supple leather, rust-resistant brass hardware, reinforced stitching, and a rubber-ized woven nylon design that prevents leash burn and slippage make this leash the best one Monkey and I have tried yet.
  • Style: Simple and classic, this leash doesn’t sacrifice any style for function.
  • Function: While this leash has been praised by the Arthritis Foundation for helping people with gripping or dexterity problems due to arthritis in their hand joints, it also works for anyone who has a dog who pulls or chews on leashes.
  • Creativity: It looks like a simple leash, but it’s a lot more than that.
  • Value: I’m shocked at how affordable the leash and collar are. Monkey is obviously enormous, so he got the Premium 4-foot leash with a padded leather handle, which still only cost $35.49.

Bottom line

The RuffGrip leash keeps my hands from hurting when Monkey pulls AND promises not to get tacky in hot weather or crack in cold weather. It’s 100 percent my go-to leash from now on, and if you’re my friend and you own a dog, you should probably expect to get one the next time I give you a gift. Which, I think, says it all.

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About the author: Daisy Barringer grew up in San Francisco and didn’t let the fact that she’s a city girl keep her from getting her dream dog: a Saint Bernard. She and Monkey love to romp in the snow in Tahoe, visit dog-friendly bars, watch 49ers football, and drool. Yup, both of ’em.&

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