7 of My Dog’s Favorite Things

I feel a "Sound of Music" song coming on. But really, my dog has excellent taste.


Mr. Moxie is a simple guy. The kind of dog who will find endless entertainment following a sunny spot across the living room floor. The kind of dog who is ridiculously happy to see you even if you’ve only been gone three minutes. The kind of dog who will excitedly wrestle with a ratty old toy you take out of his toy box like he’s never seen it before.

But, simple as he is, I know he’d be terribly upset if you took the items on the list below away from him for good. These are a few of my pup’s favorite things (and I hope you’ll share your dog’s favorites in the comments below):

1. His Eco-Drop Bed from West Paw Design

A few years ago, Dogster did a giveaway with West Paw and they sent along a sample dog bed (in a now discontinued color) for review. Guess which lucky dog got to keep it? The bed features IntelliLoft stuffing, a fluffy fabric filling spun from scores of recycled plastic bottles. But Moxie isn’t aware of how eco-conscious his bedding is — all he cares about is that it’s really, really comfortable.

2. His Flying Monkeys from Woot.com

Every now and then, discount site Woot will hold a “Woot-off” where customers have a chance to purchase the site’s excess inventory. At the end of these online events, they usually put screaming monkey plushies (their mascot) up for sale at the very end for around $5 each.

Moxie will tear the little voice box out of the monkey within seconds, effectively silencing the “screaming” part of the deal, but he treats the rest of the plushie like gold. The toy’s rubber band arms allow us to launch it across the room for Mox to chase. Long story short: It never ever gets old.

3. His Sit Up ‘N Beg Leash and Collar Set (and the Walks That Come with Them)

A few years ago, Mox attended his first dog show (as a spectator, not a show dog) and we met the nice folks from Sit Up ‘N Beg, who fitted him for a soft leather martingale collar and matching leash. Both have lasted us a few years, and the swivel feature at the end of the leash which prevents tangling has been worth the price of admission all by itself.

Moxie will do a happy dance whenever his martingale and leash come out, and after we slip it over his head he will take the leash in his mouth and walk himself around the living room until we take him outdoors.

4. His Spoiled Bratzwear Vest

Holly Joy, the hardworking hands behind Spoiled Bratzwear, is such a lovely person, and her creations are sturdy and cool. She’s made Halloween costumes for Moxie in the past and comfort is her number one concern. The fleece vest Mox is modeling above is his go-to outfit on cold San Francisco days, and it’s the only dog clothing he wags his tail for (vest = walk).

5. His Favorite Treats (and Treat Song)

If there was ever a food-motivated dog, this is he. His stash of treats sits atop the fridge, so whenever anyone enters the kitchen he will sit his very best sit at the entryway hoping someone will reward him for it.

He is also a big fan of my treat songs, which have such incredibly deep lyrics as: “Would you liiiike a treat-treat-treat, treat-treat-treat? You are good and you are sweet. Would you like a little treat?”

C’mon, if you were a dog you’d be excited too.

6. Other Dogs

I have never met a dog who loves other dogs (and other creatures in general) as much as Mr. Moxie. He won’t chase a ball for you, but he’ll gladly take off after another dog who happens to be chasing a ball.

Miss GiGi, Dogster columnist and feisty Boston, is one of his favorites ever. But he’s lucky if she gives him the time of day.

SAY: Employee Passions – Pets from SAY Media on Vimeo.

7. His Parents

I was going to be selfish and say “ME!” but Jeff, Moxie’s two-legger dad, has worked long and hard for his affection. For the first six months of Mox’s life with us, he was skeptical of his pop, but now they are inseperable. On Fridays, Jeff has poker night with friends, and Moxie will sit by the door waiting for him to come home. I like sending Jeff photos of this scene to guilt him into coming home early (awful, I know).

SAY Media, Dogster’s “pawrent” company, made the video above of Moxie and me and played it at a company all-hands meeting last year. Several co-workers came up to me afterwards telling me it made them tear up. I’m blaming the emotion-triggering background music for the tears, and apologize in advance if it makes any of you cry. But it’s a special video that celebrates the bond the little guy and I have, so I’m glad I have it to share.

Dogster readers: What are your dog’s favorite things? And who is your dog’s favorite person?

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