Who Is the Bumblesnot? A Pug in Trouble Whose Magic Saved Him

He was overweight with bad teeth, ear mites, and failing legs, but he cast a spell and found a home.


Have a seat, Dogsters, and listen to a tale,
one of first sorrow and then joyfulness prevailed:
This is the story of the Bumblesnot Pug.
His first owner deceased, the second too smug,
what would become of the tragic Bumblesnot dog?
On an Internet site, a woman fell in love,
though her brain was reluctant, her heart knew of
the joy the Bumblesnot brought.

So she went with her husband to the shelter one day
And with tail wagging and tongue hanging out
The Bumblesnot curled up in her lap and without a second thought,
She said, “This is my dog, I’ll be his forever home.”
Though his health needed going over with a fine-tooth comb,
She would not let the Bumblesnot go
(You already knew that, though).

The Bumblesnot was not always the Bumblesnot. He used to be called Buddy Love, but I liked the Bumblesnot so much more, and it makes me think of a Dr. Seuss poem, so I wrote one in his honor. I obviously took a little creative license.

The Bumblesnot’s human friend had a broken heart after the passing of her beloved Labrador, so she was checking out an adoption site when she came across the Pug. She admits the senior dog didn’t look to appealing in his photos, but he had already cast his magical spell. She kept coming back to him, and finally went down to the shelter “just to see.”

He curled up in her lap, and she was smitten, but the Bumblesnot was not home yet. He was chipped not once, but twice, so his human friend had to wait for him. When she finally got him home, they still had a labyrinth of health issues ahead of them.

He was a big boy, about 10 pounds overweight. He had not been house-trained, and he had ear mites, eye infections, rotten teeth, and nails that grew into his pads. His human friend got to work stitching the Bumblesnot back together and putting him on a diet.

But that was just the beginning. A month into the Bumblesnot’s reinvention, his hind legs began going bad, and a trip to the vet concluded he had nerve damage affecting his mobility. Deciding that the little Pug had already been through enough, his human friends opted for a wheelchair.

And what of his peculiar name? Those of you with Pugs will know they are dogs capable of many strange nasal sounds. I’ll let his human friend explain:

In case you are wondering where Buddy got his famous moniker, “The Bumblesnot” … all credit goes to The Tall Man. Never satisfied with the name “Buddy Love,” TTM decided to give him playful nicknames based on his bodily functions (albeit disgusting). Buddy sort of “bumbles” around. He definitely “snots,” snorts and makes all sorts of Puggish sounds, but more so than other Pugs I’ve met. So, now he is The Bumblesnot for all intents and purposes.

As you can see, the Bumblesnot is now in very good hands!

All photos via the Bumblesnot’s Facebook page, which you should totally follow and say “Hello” on on Dogster’s behalf. Oh, and lest I forget, you can buy Bumblesnot stuff here.

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