Reed the Pit Bull Is Missing a Leg But Leads a Complete Life

This rescue dog was subject to animal cruelty that cost him a hind leg, but he hasn't slowed down.


It’s already tough being a Pit Bull. Everyone assumes so much about you and gives you a wide berth when all you want to do is what any other dog wants to do: snuggle and maybe steal your pizza when you’re not looking and then fall asleep in a warm bed. Or people do worse: They subject you to unimaginable cruelty — the kind of cruelty where they try to chop off one of your legs, leaving you with only three, making life that much more difficult.

Reed the Pit Bull was pulled from a cruelty case in Texas and then transported all the way to Oklahoma. Though the details of the cruelty case are not explicitly available on Reed’s Facebook page, it would seem that Reed hurt his leg and then his former owner tried to amputate it. Fortunately, Reed was rescued, and had his stump of a leg properly removed while in the care of his foster family … who didn’t remain his foster family for long!

In September 2012, Reed’s family became foster failures and officially adopted the three-legged Pit Bull for forever. Now Reed has a rescue in his name. REED stands for Rescuing and Education with Endless Dedication.

I imagine part of that education involves demonstrating how dogs with special needs can do just about everything a “normal” dog can do, such as:

Going for a romp in the snow

Hey, I have all my appendages in good working order and I probably would not step foot in the snow. (I’m from Southern California and anything that’s not sunshine freaks me out!)

Doing that half-butt-on-the-couch thing

If the couch is propping you up you don’t need that fourth leg!

Begging for treats

A missing leg plus puppy eyes gains sympathy points no human can resist.

Taking up the whole bed

At this point the mystery of How Even the Smallest Dog Takes Up the Whole King Bed continues to elude scientists.

Wearing a hat

I mean, as long as you got a head, you can wear a hat — right?

Chewing up stuff

He’s missing a leg, not his teeth!

Being adorable

Well —duh.

All photos come from Reed’s Facebook page, which you should check out and follow. Let him know Dogster sent you!

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