Avenger Pugs Use Otherworldly Cuteness to Save Humanity

Watch a video of Earth's mightiest canine heroes unleash their superpowers of adorability.


When your life is threatened by outside forces, it’s up to a team of super-Pugs to save the day.

Like when you drop a piece of food on the floor and you don’t want to have to clean it up? What can you do? Who can you call? Call the Avenger Pugs, who will swoop in a lick that mess off the floor! Crisis averted. Or what if you’re totally sad because some lame dude has broken your heart? Who has the power to turn that frown upside down? The Avenger Pugs — that’s who.

The Avenger Pugs’ super-cuteness is otherworldly, as if granted to them by some freaky lab accident. We can see it now: interior, night, a thunderous rainstorm rages outside. In a lab hidden in a remote location, a team of Pugs fall into a vat of radioactive CUTENESS, transforming them into the Avenger Pugs!

We really love the way the Pugs sit so patiently for their human in their silly costumes, all like, “How much longer do I have to do this? Will there be a treat at the end of it? You promised treats!”

When the director yells, “Cut!” for the final group shot, the last little Pug experiences a wardrobe malfunction.

No Pugs were harmed in the making of this. As you can see, they were all fed snacks at the picnic table after filming.

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Via Huffington Post

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