Kipper the Corgi vs. Vacuum Cleaner: Round One

Kipper plans to destroy the invading vacuum cleaner ... after a period of careful observation, that is.


Ah yes, vacuum cleaners. Those loud, glowing, grumbling space aliens that attack living rooms, hallways, and bedrooms. They enslave your humans, who then push their viciousness along the floor, sucking up delightful treasures like breadcrumbs and the bits of sand and gravel you faithfully brought home in an attempt to improve (read: “dogify”) the place.

Occasionally these terrible roaring mechanical aliens choke on an errant sock, sparking and smoking and causing a great racket. Fellow dogs, we are sworn to guard against these invaders, to bark at them incessantly, until their reigns of destruction cease and they go back into the broom closet black hole from which they emerged.

Kipper the Corgi takes his charge very seriously. Instead of outright attacking the vicious vacuum monster, Kipper has decided to deploy a slow, patient strategy of careful observation to discern the Achilles’ heel of the beast. Kipper will not engage the vacuum monster and nor will he run away. Instead, Kipper keeps the creature in his sights, homing in on any sign of weakness.

Kipper has noted that the great alien machine does not take turns well, and that every now and then, its guts must be manually cleaned. He’s also noted that the alien has a tail that attaches to the wall, and once the tail is disengaged from the wall, the beast falls silent. Kipper will continue his observations until he can hatch a plan.

How does your dog deal with the dreaded vacuum monster?

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Via Corgi Addict

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