A Dog And a Fart Machine (You’ve Been Warned)

Hey! Who did that? Just blame the dog -- it looks like she's already blaming herself.


Dogs are hedonists, you can’t deny it. Do you know anyone else who’d look you right in the eye, smile, and then giddily roll in a dead, rotting carcass? (I once dog-sat a charming deaf, pink-nosed Labrador mix who came trotting merrily into the house reeking of something from beyond the grave. It resulted in an instant bath.)

Don’t be fooled by this Red Heeler puppy’s cuteness — she has the sense of humor of a 15-year-old boy. Whenever her human activates a fart machine, the little dog turns around to look at her own butt. We’re not sure if the puppy is suddenly overcome with bashfulness, believing the fart to be her own errant emission, or potentially delighted by the magic of her own digestive track, but we’re with the giggling human on this one: It’s funny.

Because that’s what dogs do — they remind us of our own humanity. They know the kind of slob you devolve into when you think no one is watching, and they still look up at you with adoring eyes. They don’t run to the bathroom to barf in private — they barf right there in front of you, and then, before you can run and get a paper towel to mop it up, they gobble it up, and lean in to give you a kiss.

Dog bless them.

Via Laughing Squid

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