Vid We Love: Watch Stella Protect Her Home From a Pineapple


Dogs: Fearless protectors of the home. Take Stella. She was just walking into the kitchen when she stopped in her tracks. There, on the countertop, was a pineapple. Stella knew all the other things on the counter: dishrag, coffeepot, Britta water jug, 32 oz. bottle of Palmolive original-scent dish soap. But that pineapple. Who let the pineapple into the kitchen!

That ain’t right.

Was the pineapple going to attack the family? Stella wasn’t certain. It sure looked that way. The pineapple sitting there all smug, all pineapply, all fragrant and swollen, luring the family in for a better look before blammo — tropical fruit attack!

So Stella barked, and didn’t stop. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! THERE’S A PINEAPPLE IN THE KITCHEN! And then mom Jolene comes around all clueless and picks up the pineapple and says, “It’s just a pineapple!” holding it up like a molotov cocktail.

Steady now ...
Steady now …

And then she places it on the ground like an incendiary device. “It’s just a pineapple!”

Keep your distance ...
Keep your distance …

Says mom: “It took me a second, but I finally figured out that she was afraid of the pineapple. I started to take a video, but had to stop because she was legitimately terrified.”


Fortunately, this ends well. The pineapple introduces itself to Stella and Stella accepts the pineapple. All is well.


Says mom: “I had to call my other dog over (Guinness) and let him sniff the pineapple before Stella would even go near it. My other dog, if you are wondering, is an 18-pound Miniature Pinscher mix. Stella is about 50 pounds … she is not terribly brave.”

Come on, Jolene! It was a pineapple!

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