If You’ve Got a Dog Then You Don’t Need a Babysitter

Got kids? Got a dog? Then you'll never need a babysitter ever again! Okay, not really, but this video explains why dogs and kids totally mix.


Okay, first we’d like to clarify that you probably shouldn’t leave a baby unattended with a dog. We love dogs and we love babies, but they’re both still wild animals in touch with their primal sides and that requires respect! Because they might do something crazy!

This video is more for the people who think that kids and pets don’t mix at all — we give those kind of people a long side eye. The truth is that kids and dogs especially totally get each other, and, in many ways, dogs provide kids with a bunch of important life lessons. We’re sure that many of you can recall growing up with a dog friend and how that relationship helped shape you into the person you are now.

Thanks to our pals at BuzzFeed, we’ve got one tidy video that you can throw in someone’s face the next time they’re like, “Why would you let your kid play with a dog?”

Just tell them this:

Dogs demonstrate that a little dirty never hurt anyway. Remember growing up with friends who’d pitch a fit if something touched the ground? Yeah, if they’d had a dog, they wouldn’t have done that!

Dogs don’t judge us, which means we shouldn’t judge each other. Ever notice how judgmental people always seem kind of … lonely? And unhappy? We bet they didn’t have dogs growing up!

And they teach us that above all, friendship is one of the most important things to cultivate.

Watch the rest of the video below:

Photo: Little girl and her Miniature Schnauzer puppy by Shutterstock

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