The 5 Best Things About the “Dogs in the City,” Season Finale

"Dogs in the City" is over. Will it return? Will YOU make it return? Get going, people!


It’s a wrap, people. Dogs in the City is finito, with a season finale last week that drew 4.63 million viewers, well behind the dancing show that will just not go quietly away and some new show by Betty White. Betty White? We’re still doing that, America?

Anyway, host Justin Silver tweeted after the finale, “Thank you all for watching. It’s been a pleasure for me. Want more #DogsInTheCity? Let CBS know. Till then I’ll be at”

Would it kill you to do that, America? Your e-mail could make all the difference, especially if it is rambling and incoherent and references alternative plotlines of Lost. Here are the five best things about the finale.

1. Shelter Dogs! Shelter Dogs! Shelter Dogs!

Ah, Justin, you old dog. Little did we realize six weeks ago when we first saw you patting Beefy the skateboarding Bulldog in the Big Apple and grinning like a lunatic that you would end this curious experiment in CBS prime-time dog-related TV with a full court press for shelter dogs — way to close, my good trainer. You weeped, you confided, you related! You talked about your own rescue dogs and said shelter dogs have a “special place” in your heart like — what? — 15 times? 37 times? 117 times?

Best of all, you helped the no-kill animal shelter Animal Haven fix up the joint with new paint, construction, the works, and you did this simply by picking up the phone and calling …

2. Justin Silver’s Rolling Tumbleweed of Hipster Artists and Bohemian Builders

You have cool friends, Justin. We suspected as much after seeing your tattoo last episode. WHAT AN ELEPHANT. Who is this man? we wondered at the time. Did he busk his way across Europe as a teen? Did he stage underground film festivals in Queens? Can he just pick up the phone and have tattooed artists and builders arrive by the dozen to help revamp a no-kill shelter? Yes, he can make that call, as we saw in the season finale. And what medium do these artists work in? Do you really have to ask?



Yes, our Justin “hangs” with graffiti artists, and the “pieces” they “bombed” of “dogs” were amazing. (Although they never announced themselves as graffiti artists because graffiti is illegal and they would have been arrested at the wrap party.) If you live in New York, take a moment to go into Animal Haven, because you will see some huge, fantastically spray painted dogs, one of which is Justin’s. Also, adopt a dog. That’s that point of all this.

3. Edie Falco Saying “Forever Home” Like a Pro

Suddenly Edie Falco was on the show saying “forever home” like a pro.

4. Cooler Guests

Not that I have anything against boring people with hyperactive dogs, but I have seen enough boring people with hyperactive dogs in the show to last me until … season two? (Please email CBS now.) At first, the season finale seemed like more of the same due to this banker-type guy wearing a striped button-down dress shirt with aviator sunglasses hooked on his shirt — and then shorts, and then flip-flops. Good lord, man! I know you’re a stock broker and it’s the weekend, but take a cue from Justin: jeans, dark shirt (no logo; never a logo), and done.

Anyway, Justin then mixed it up by putting some of his hipster friends on this episode, and they looked cool, and you just knew they had to be “in the arts.” So I Googled Yannis Pappas and Jessimae Peluso (because how could you not?), and you know what? Both stand-up comics. Both living together with three rescue dogs. Nothing very funny said, however. Yet, interesting people in an interesting apartment.

5. This Show Is Over (Not a Good Thing but Here We Are Anyway)

Sorry, there’s been no word yet of a season two for Dogs in the City yet, but come on, CBS, renew the show! How many more police shows do you need? Here’s how many you have right now:

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • CSI: NY
  • NCIS
  • NCIS: Los Angeles
  • Criminal Minds
  • The Mentalist
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Blue Bloods
  • Unforgettable
  • Person of Interest

Renew the dog show already!

Don’t forget, you can e-mail CBS. We’ll even provide the text:

Hi, CBS!

I’m a regular watcher of your television shows, but one, these past few months, has really brought joy to my Wednesday nights: Dogs in the City. I just love this show. LOVE IT. I regularly host Dogs in the City viewing nights for everyone in my loft-style apartment building — we’re all educated, 18-to-35-year-old influencers with great jobs and just WADS of money to spend — and the New York Times wants to do a trends piece on us as long as the dog show keeps going. So keep the dog show going, K? Skrillex.

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