Dogster Interviews Boo, the World’s Cutest Pom

Boo the Pomeranian gets recognized on the street more often than some celebrities, and with close to 1.8 million Facebook fans, it's really no surprise!...


Boo the Pomeranian gets recognized on the street more often than some celebrities, and with close to 1.8 million Facebook fans, it’s really no surprise! We think he’s cuter than most celebs, too, but then we’re a dog-centric publication and are gleefully, unapologetically biased.

Last week we mentioned that Boo had recently published his first book (see photo at right) and wanted to give three Dogster readers the chance to win a pawtographed copy and some other goodies from publisher Chronicle Books. We consulted the random number generator at, and the winners are: Brooke P., Randi Simon-Serey, and Julie Elbin. Congrats — we’ll be in touch to find out where to send your copies!

Since Boo is a Facebook Dog, we thought it’d be appropriate to give our own Facebook fans the opportunity to interview him. Here are the burning questions on our FB community’s mind, and Boo’s responses:

Dogster: So, Boo, how does it feel to be an accomplished author?
Boo: I am glad to hear that so many people love my book. It is made up of things I do every day that make me happy. I think it is great that humans like that stuff, too.

Dogster: Our community wants to know — how do you really feel about clothes?
Boo: I love wearing clothes, especially my favorite striped T-shirt. My hair is short, and I can get a little cold sometimes. So if I wear clothes to keep warm, I want them to be fun and colorful!

Dogster: How come your brother doesn’t get the cute haircut, too?
Boo: I have different hair than Buddy does. Mine is more coarse and thick, so its much easier for my mom to care for. Buddy likes his hair long, because people love to pet him and brush him.

Dogster: How did you get so many fans on Facebook? (Besides, y’know, just being cute.)
Boo: Many people have commented that my smile makes them smile, which is great to hear. I think that if you share a smile with someone you can make their day. I think people come to my Facebook page as a break from work or chores or something. I think humans must work a lot!

Dogster: Does your mommy ever let you go out and play in the mud with your other doggie friends?
Boo: Sure! I like to go outside and play in the grass and dirt. My mom thinks its great for us to get outside and exercise because Buddy and I usually like to lounge around the house in our beds or wrapped in a blanket.

Dogster: How often do you get groomed? Who does your hair?
Boo: I dont know the ladys name who does my hair, but she is nice and sometimes she gives me a treat. I visit her every other month.

Dogster: Are you full-sized? Will you get any bigger?
Boo: I am fully grown at five years old. As far as dogs go, I am small, but I have seen even smaller dogs at the dog park.

Dogster: How have you managed to remain such a state of humility through all this?
Boo: Having lots of fans on Facebook and having my own book is lots of fun, but my everyday life has stayed the same. I dont hang out with rock stars or go to fancy restaurants or film premieres like other famous people do. I still sleep in, eat my favorite food, play with Buddy, and cuddle with my Mom. Thats all I really need.

Dogster: What advice do you have for pups wanting to follow in your paw prints?
Boo: Do the things that make you happy and stay true to yourself. And dont be afraid to take chances with your self-expression.

Dogster: Wise words. Thanks, Boo!

In case you need even more Boo, our friends at Dog-Milk asked him some of their own questions and found out what his favorite treats and toys are. Check out their post over here.

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