Dogster Valentine’s Poetry Contest Winners!

Happy Valentines Day, Dogsters! Our panel of five judges has one thing to say to all of you who entered the Valentines Poetry Contest: You...



Happy Valentines Day, Dogsters!

Our panel of five judges has one thing to say to all of you who entered the Valentines Poetry Contest:

You did not make like easy for us! You are really, really good poets! (Or your dogs are, actually.) Amazing! said one. Who knew the dogs had it in them? quipped another. Too many good ones, we need dozens of prizes, said another.

dog-writing-on-computerWe received nearly 80 Valentines poems from pups who are in love with their people. Some were hilarious. Some were poignant. Some had us reaching for the tissue box.

In the end, we had to cull the list to three. Here they are:

Congratulations to LindaC! She took first place and the Neko Habitat dog bed for her beautiful, touching, and heart-wrenching poem, Ode to Moon Hound.

Second prize of 50 Zealies goes to Cinder Lou for a look at a bayou dog and her love for her 12-year-old boy. And third prize of 25 Zealies goes to Flecken, for the fun and sweet sentiments described in his catchy poem.

The remaining dozens of poems are all wonderful odes to the loves of their lives you! Congratulations to everyone who entered, for having this kind of loving bond with your dogs! That is one of the best Valentines gifts of all.

1st Place


I ran beside the pickup.
I tried to jump in.

The truck zoomed away
so fast that day.

Left behind in the middle of the road.
I ran from side to side.
shivered no where to hide.

A woman stopped and stooped down low
She made kissing sounds and opened her arms.
I crawled on my belly. Peed along the way.
Cars didnt stop or slow their speed.
I had no collar. No ID.
No microchip. Just plain ole me.

The woman hugged and kissed me sweet. She placed ads
And drove the streets.
I jumped and leaped and messed up her bed. I ran circles and howled
And was greatly fed.

She called me Moon and that was okay. I have a new home and my whole life ahead.
When I see a man, I wiggle and weep. Always looking for the one who dumped me on that dangerous street.
Ill never forget. But I try to be sweet. I tilt my head and love her so dear. And this valentines day, I will mess up her bed, run circles and howl.

For she is my Valentine
and I am her pal.

2nd Place

Cinder Lou

My name is Cinder. I live in a shed
hay is my bed.
I chase boars and roam the moors.
My coat is black. My eyes pure coal.
I run and hunt a brave wild soul.

My feet never stop, my heart beats so fast.
I sniff and twist. I chase razorbacks.

Life in the bayous is the only way to live.
My master is twelve and hunts by my side.
We travel the swamps and climb the river banks.

He tells me hes a man a tough one at that. No mushy
Kissy stuff. But I must say, on this special day,
A boy of twelve has stolen my heart. He is my master
And I am his scout. In this my devotion is beyond doubt.

My coat is black. My eyes pure coal.
I run and hunt a brave wild soul.

Happy Valentines day
from your faithful Catahoula, Cinder Lou..

3rd Place


I love you
and you love me,
no matter even
if I pee
upon the rug
or on the floor
instead of out
the doggie door.

You kiss me,
and I kiss you
with tongue that sometimes
tastes like poo,
and though you spit
and cough and ack
you always let me
come right back
so I can kiss you
even more
cuz Im the one
that you adore.

And I adore you
just the same,
and so we play
this little game
of who loves whom
the most or more
but we dont bother
to keep score
because we both
just know its true
that you love me
and I love you
and neither one
can brag or boast
that theyre the one
who loves the most.

Others say
were quite a pair
but we dont listen,
we dont care.
They dont see
what we both do,
were not a pair,
not really two
But more like one,
with one shared heart
and one shared love
no one could part.

We might seem strange,
a little odd
two different peas
in the same pod.
One tall peep,
one short pup,
you look down
and I look up
and somewhere in
the in between
we see the love
that cant be seen
by those who only
see whats real,
cuz loves a thing
you have to feel.

You feel Im yours,
I feel youre mine,
Lets be each others

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