Finally! Super Hip, Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses for Dogs!

Does your dog go bump in the night? Might be time for some stylish, inexpensive Warby Barker canine eyewear.


Warby Parker is a fabulous place to go for hip eyewear. The selections are chic, unique, and not insanely expensive. But its dog-loving founders wanted something more. Something that would help dogs not only see better for a reasonable price, but look fantastic while doing so.

So they developed a new line: Warby Barker – affordable eyewear for your dog’s eyes only. All we can say is that it’s about time. Before Warby Barker’s stylish, super affordable dog eyewear, dogs who couldn’t see the TV or their guardians’ faces were relegated to two fates: Continue living life in a blur, or face the ugly, oft-pricey eyeglass designs other companies offered the four-legged set.

Warby Barker’s new line of canine glasses shows that style doesn’t have to be tied to a high price tag.

“It just doesn’t make any sense to spend several hundred dollars on something your dog is just going to eat,” says Warby Barker co-founder Dave Gilboa.

But the truth is, the designs are good enough to eat! Check out the names of some of the mouthwatering color names in the canine collection: Spiced Liver, Lobster Bisque, Gravy Burst, Dusty Bacon, Mutton Royale, and Grey-bone Fade.

If your pooch decides the glasses are edible, no worries. All canine eyewear is environmentally friendly. We’re told there are no nasty toxins to interfere with a doggy’s digestive tract.

But how do you know what’s going to look good on your dog? No worries! Warby Barker offers in-home try-on sessions. Once you have your dog’s prescription in hand, you can call 888-492-7297 or email to set up an appointment. If you opt for the mail-order specs, you’ll be happy to know that shipping is free and you get a gluten-free treat to boot. They think of everything at Warby Barker.

Even if your dog’s vision is 20-20, there’s still something for him at Warby Barker. The company offers a glorious selection of sunglasses for dogs who want to protect their eyes from bright light. Some dogs use the shades for anonymity on dog walks, too. “It used to be that whenever we’d take Reginald for a walk, all his dog friends would come up to him and it would take forever to do our rounds,” says Reggie’s person, Bruce Kelly. “Now, they don’t even notice he’s there, and walks are so much faster! Thank you, Warby Barker”

Warby Barker even offers a canine version of one of the most sizzling styles of the season. As you probably already know, monocles are back. Once a symbol of financial and social status in the late 19th century, monocles are taking the world by storm. They’re a symbol of a prosperous bygone era, and bring a look of class and stature to anyone who wears one. Goodness knows we need that in this economy.

And why should a dog miss out on the trend? With Warby Barker’s new dog monocle designs, your pooch can look every bit the rich and cultured gent you know he is inside. (Well, at least when he’s not sniffing dog rear ends or rolling in dead things.)

I know that for some of you, the idea that some dogs need glasses, much less wear glasses, is a little odd. I understand that, since most of us haven’t ever seen a dog in glasses. That’s because the price has been prohibitive, and the styles rather 1980s old aunt-like. But check this out. Jake, my yellow Lab, is soon going to be wearing these sweet specs.

He looks absolutely divine in them. Once they’re fitted with his prescription, he’ll also be able to see me better at the park. That means when I call him, he’ll not only hear me, but he’ll see me, and he’ll come running over to me, rather than looking lost, and dawdling over some shrubs or grass blades he finds fascinatig. At least that’s the idea. And if it doesn’t work, I’m out only $50.

Oh and one more thing. Yesterday was April 1, and we don’t publish on the weekend. So happy belated April Fool’s Day!

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  1. Is this for real? I think my Doggie???? could use a pair???? or too. How do they check a dogs eyes???? for a prescription? ????????

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