Oh, the Agony: Watch This Magician Make a Dog’s Treat Disappear

We'd never do this to a poor, salivating pupster. But we found this video of a magician from Finland who has the guts to do it multiple times.


You know when a magician makes a quarter disappear and you’re all, “Wow, that’s amazing! Can you please leave me alone now?”

We’re so mean to magicians.

The problem is, we’re human; we don’t believe in magic and we don’t give a crap about a missing quarter. That’s why magic has plummeted in career rankings even further than clowns, according to Forbes. (Not really.)

But doing magic for dogs? That’s something else entirely, as Jose Ahonen proves. He’s a magician and mentalist from Finland who does magic for dogs. Specifically, he makes treats disappear. And you know what happens when a magician makes treats disappear in front of dogs?

The animals — Elsa, Taitso, Nakke, Gado, Nino, Dumle, Salli, and Tortsi — are utterly flummoxed, bewildered, devastated, crushed. God, the job satisfaction Ahonen must feel, to finally have the perfect audience for his dime-store slight of hand — sorry, magic.

These poor dogs. They don’t care about magic or not-magic. They just know their treat is just gone. Vanished. Out of sight. Vamoosed. They turn, they sniff, they paw, they bark, they even look at us (or rather, the camera), pleading. “What is this sorcery, this witchcraft?” they cry to us. “Where is my treat? Where is my treat?

I hope Ahonen gave everyone their treat after this, especially Salli, who’s looks kind of pissed.

Anyway, this is hilarious:

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