Watch Out for Paranormal Activity Around Your Pug

This video confirms what you've always known: There's something quite otherworldly about Pugs.


Let’s be honest: You always knew there was something just a little … spooky about your Pug, didn’t you? It’s something about those deep, black eyes. They’re adorable, yes, but there’s something else, something that’s looking back at you with perhaps just a little more knowledge and understanding than you expect from your dog. You probably felt it at the back of your mind, but shook it off because — well, they’re just adorable, aren’t they?

Here’s a video that finally confirms those suspicions, titled “20 Seconds of Paranormal Pugitivity.” It’s been getting a lot of play around Dogster, much to the delight of the staff. One staffer, who will remain tactfully unnamed, said “How good is it? I almost peed my pants laughing.” (Many people are feeling quite grateful for the “almost.”)

If you know your cheesy horror movies, you recognize the film that the video is referencing: Paranormal Activity, a 2007 film which lifted the “found footage” conceit of The Blair Witch Project to tell the story of a young couple confronted with demonic possession in their home. Kind of a mashup of Gen-X pomo filmmaking techniques with the 1970s genre that started out with The Exorcist and descended into the cinematic cesspool that was The Amityville Horror. Now, I’m forced to conclude that Paranormal Activity would have been a superior film if its producers had only used Pugs. (I don’t know if the same can be said of The Amityville Horror; some things are simply irredeemable.) It’s just something about — you know — those eyes. Big and sad and haunting — yet adorable.

Of course, they’re also using Mark Snow’s theme from The X-Files for the soundtrack, which brings up the question of what Pug versions of Mulder and Scully would be like. The original series was kind of a hit-and-miss affair, and Pugs might be just what was needed to spice up those filler episodes. In his prime, David Duchovny always had kind of a puppy-dog look to him anyway, so it wouldn’t be that much of a leap.

Until we get the full Pug versions of these films, check out the video below, and remember: The truth is out there.

Via Twisted Sifter and some deep, twisted part of Chris Hall’s mind where the cobwebs should really be cleared out more often.

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