Gemini Dog Lovers: Let’s Party Like It’s Your Birthday

Dogs are pretty intelligent creatures, so they're a perfect fit for humans who fall under the Zodiac's smartest sign.


Each year, the sun moves into Gemini on May 21 and stays until June 20. This means that right now it’s time to shine the celestial spotlight on the scintillating sign of Gemini the Twins. Happy Gemini season, Dogster readers!

Gemini happens to be the Zodiac’s smartest sign. As dogs are remarkably intelligent creatures, Twins are naturally drawn to them. What’s more, Geminis are smart enough to appreciate dogs for the unconditional love they so generously give — and smart enough to return that love in spades. And, since the sign of the Twins feels comfortable surrounded by pairs, they’re more likely to have not one but two pets. That’s great news for dogs who’d rather not be the only pet!

The integrative medicine guru Andrew Weil is a great example: He has two very well-loved Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Cities have zodiac signs just as people do. And it so happens that San Francisco, home of Dogster HQ and a destination appreciated far and wide for its dog-friendliness, is a Gemini! Top Dogster Ted Rheingold is a Twin, too.

Now consider a famous Gemini from the pages of history: Peter the Great of Russia. One of the many customs the czar brought back from his European travels was a love of delicate lap dogs. The ruler who modernized Russia simply adored his Italian Greyhound, Lissette, and the saying “Love me, love my dog” is attributed to him. According to Stanley Coren, author of Why We Love the Dogs We Do, that little dog had a calming effect on the irascible autocrat:

A member of the court had been falsely accused of corruption. Peter’s wife, Catherine, attempted to intervene on the accused man’s behalf. Czar Peter, not known for his calm demeanor, flew into a violent rage and forbade her ever to mention the case again. Distraught at the mounting evidence of the man’s innocence, Catherine wrote a message to Peter, petitioning for clemency. She then signed it with Lissette’s name, affixed her paw print, and tied the note to Lissette’s silver collar. Later that evening when Peter was preparing for sleep he found the message. He sat on the edge of his bed gently petting Lissette’s head and then, without further comment, called for his secretary and had a pardon drafted that night.

The zodiac’s brainiac has high regard for canine intelligence, and appreciates a smart dog with a high IQ, such as a Border Collie, Poodle, or Mensa mutt. Ruled by Mercury, planet of travel and communication, this air sign prizes good communication and feels keenly the effect of Mercury retrograde periods.

As a great admirer of Bob Dylan, I was enchanted to learn that the Gemini genius is a giant dog lover — literally. The legendary singer-songwriter has not two, but three mastiffs. Way to go, Bob! And speaking of musical legends, Miss Peggy Lee was a doting dog lover who composed and performed unforgettable songs for the classic Disney movie Lady and the Tramp; she also voiced many of the characters, including Peg the Pekingese.

Gemini dog lovers move in rarefied circles: Wallis Simpson, the American-born Gemini divorcee for whom King Edward VIII abdicated the throne, was devoted to Pugs. Former First Lady Barbara Bush is devoted to English Springer Spaniels, notably the late, great Millie, with whom she wrote Millie’s Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush. And Paul McCartney prefers shaggy, mixed-breed dogs; this high-profile mutt maven is also a dedicated PETA spokesman.

Gemini actress, filmmaker, and philanthropist Isabella Rossellini adores dogs, and faithfully makes time in her packed schedule to raise puppies for the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind. She spends a year with a pup, teaching skills and acclimating the dogs to all sorts of urban situations, so that later they’ll be prepared to navigate a blind person through, say, the New York City subway or Penn Station with ease. Thinking ahead and seeing the big picture — that’s so Gemini! Thus far, eight Rossellini-raised guide dogs have proudly graduated to this noble line of work. “The puppies she raises for us are very well-adjusted,” says Doug Wiggin of the Guide Dog Foundation. (Plus, she provided the voice of the kind veterinarian in one of our fave flicks, My Dog Tulip.)

Even when a Gemini can’t have a dog of his own, he gives props to canines. Clint Eastwood suffers from major allergies, yet overcomes his discomfort to work with dogs and treats them respectfully as characters in his films. (Remember how significant it was when the title character recalled her childhood dog in Million Dollar Baby?) In an earlier movie, Tightrope, Clint even cuddled up in bed with a mutt. (Lucky dog!) The man must’ve been sneezing for days.

Gemini’s favorite color is yellow, so if you spot a dog with a vibrant yellow accessory, chances are that’s a Twin’s pet.

If you seek to love a Twin, know that the signs most compatible with Gemini are Aries, Libra, Aquarius, and (surprise!) Gemini.

Gemini Dogster readers — and friends or lovers of Gemini Dogster readers — we’d like to hear your words of zodiac wisdom, so please spill all in the comments!

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