Serious Question: Is This a Great Dane Puppy or a Newborn Foal?

Watching this sweetheart try to stand up reminds us of all the money we've lost at the races.


Know what’s magical? Nature. Know what’s so magical about nature? It always finds a way to thrive, adapting itself to a fluctuating environment through mutation and evolution.

Take, for example, the Great Dane. Nature was all like, “You know what? Ponies are cute, but we need a dog that people can ride.” And that’s how the Great Dane came about.

If you think we’re joking, just take a look at this video. In it, one very large (look at those paws! LOOK AT THEM!) Great Dane puppy struggles to get upright after a luxurious nap on the forbidden furniture. Looks an awful lot like a baby horse trying to stand within hours of birth, right? Because if a baby horse can’t run it gets eaten. That’s nature being all like, “Whoa! Pony! You gotta get up and go so you don’t become jaguar dinner!”

When the Great Dane finally stands, her unfurled height is impressive. And she’s just a puppy! When she’s fully grown she’ll probably be as big as … well, a small horse.

Next on the evolution agenda is developing tentacle-like suckers in order to deal with that new predator: the heavily polished hardwood floor. In the meantime, someone get that dog some boots with exceptional traction!

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