We Investigate the H-Clip, an Innovative New Carrier for Dog Poop Bags

Dog poop products are a dime a dozen. Is this one ahead of the pack?


Dog poop: It’s one of the harsh realities of owning a dog. We devote precious time to locating it, collecting it (or not), disposing of it, and examining it for clues about your pup’s health. And, apparently, some of us even spend time writing about it. Ace’s groupies may recall that our first product review was of The Fifth Paw, a poop-bag holder that attaches to the handle of your leash. I recently had the pleasure of testing a different kind of poop-bag carrier called the H-Clip. It’s from H4Legs, the same innovative company that brought you H-Leggings, an alternative to the Elizabethan collar or Cone of Shame.

The H-Clip is a flexible orange rubber device that’s about the length of a playing card and half its width. It attaches to the handle of your leash or hooked on a belt or backpack. Without tying off your bag of poo, you can slip the end of the bag through the narrow slit in the H-Clip, sealing the bag temporarily in case you need to, ahem, go back for seconds.

You know what I mean –- sometimes your dog relieves herself more than once over the course of a walk. I’ve always referred to this unexpected second poo as a “double,” as in, “On our walk this morning, Ace did a double and I was late catching my train to work.” When faced with a double, the unfortunate human in this scenario has one of two choices, neither very appealing: Either waste a new bag (if you’re smart enough to have one) scooping up the unexpected offering, or fumble as you attempt to untie the knot on the used bag without tearing it open.

The H-Clip solves this dilemma by allowing you to re-use the same bag. However, you’re doing much more than avoiding an annoyance –- you’re reducing waste. In case you missed it, Dogster recently ran a sobering article on the impact of bagged dog-waste on the environment. The makers of the H-Clip hope that their product can put a dent in the millions of bags of dog poop that are dumped into landfills every day in America.

Upon first inspection, the H-Clip is aesthetically pleasing in its simple utilitarian design and clean construction. It is made of a single piece of rubber, which is both solid and flexible.

I was worried that switching from my typical bone-shaped container filled with a roll of bags would be problematic; I was worried I would forget to bring along a single bag and be stuck trying to scoop up poo with a fallen leaf or discarded takeout menu (been there, done that). I’ve been using the H-Clip for a few weeks now, and I haven’t forgotten the bag once. Seeing the cheerful orange H-Clip reminds me to go grab one. The H-Clip is slightly lighter than my bone of bags, so the leash is a bit less heavy and cumbersome in my hand. I would prefer the product to weigh even less if it were possible.

I was curious about how the H-Clip could hold onto a weighty poop bag without it slipping out. It turns out the rubber and the angle of the slit grip the bag much more securely than you would imagine. I never lost a bag, which was a relief since I had visions of an open poo bag rocketing towards my sandals. When Ace made a double, I simply unhooked the used bag, scooped up the bonus poo, and returned the bag to the security of the H-Clip.

When I’ve gone on long walks or been out with Ace all day, I have attached the bone of bags back on the leash just in case I need it. Although it might be more environmentally friendly, I don’t see myself reusing the same bag over a period of several hours. While the H-Clip seals off the bag rather well, it is not airtight, and I’d rather smell other disgusting city smells than the fresh poo scent of an open bag.

I think the H-Clip would be an invaluable device to have when hiking or in other situations in which you’re not likely to encounter a trash can. I’ve had to stow a used bag in my backpack, crossing my fingers that it didn’t get smashed and open up. Because of the hook design, you can hang the H-Clip on just about anything, like a backpack, belt, or fanny pack.

Compared to The Fifth Paw, I have a slight preference for the H-Clip, mostly because I like the simple design. There are no moving parts that could break or malfunction, and the bag does not need to be knotted to attach it. The Fifth Paw would be more useful if you expect to carry more than one bag at a time — for example, if you are walking two or more large dogs or if you don’t like the idea of reusing your bag to pick up doubles.

Dogster Scorecard for the H-Clip

  • Quality: The H-Clip is made in the U.S.A. from a solid piece of rubber, which unfortunately makes it weigh a bit more than would be ideal.
  • Style: I love the cheerful orange hue and interesting geometric design.
  • Function: Materials and design effectively prevent your open poop bag from falling.
  • Creativity: It’s a clip! It’s a hanger! It’s recyclable! It’s orange!
  • Value: You lucky dog! The H-Clip is on sale for $10.95 until July 4th, and shipping is $3.

Bottom line

Although no product can stop your dog from pooping, the H-Clip will help you waste fewer plastic bags while maintaining your high standard for style.

Dogster readers, have you had a chance to use the H-Clip, The Fifth Paw, or other kinds of poop-related accouterments? What are your favorite products to make managing your dog’s poop less crappy? Toot your horn in the comments!

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