5 of Our Favorite 2014 Dog Halloween Costumes

From Harry Potter to a shark-attack victim, we found these Imgur pictures charming, and even touching.


It used to be that the main post-Halloween ritual was taking care of a massive stomach ache after cramming as many candy corns, miniature Baby Ruths, and Halloween-colored M&Ms down your gullet as you could before your parents interfered. Of course, now the Internet gives us other options. Thanks to social media, we can now spend the next week or so checking out what other people got up to, for better or for worse. At Dogster, that means looking at what kind of costumes they put their dogs into, and seeing whether or not we approve.

This first one is a good start, and simultaneously put a smile on our faces and a little mist in our eyes. The dog pictured had one leg removed because of bone cancer. So for Halloween, her owner dressed her up as a shark-attack victim. That’s got to get a standing ovation for making the best out of what could only have been a traumatic event for all involved.

Next, we have a dog who puts the “grrrr” into “riot grrl,” dressed up as Joan Jett, complete with the snarl.

This furrier version of Harry Potter also has some rock-‘n’-roll roots: The text on the Imgur page claims that the dog belongs to Jesse Leach, the lead singer of metal band Killswitch Engage. The picture is used on Leach’s website, but it doesn’t say whether the dog is his or not. Either way, this pup’s take on the Boy Who Lived is enchanting.

It’s hard to tell whether this dog is enjoying their costume at all. While furry Harry Potter and Joan Jett’s canine twin seem to be hamming it up for the camera, this one just seems to be taking it with as much dignity as possible. Still, it’s easy to understand; even those of us who kind of think spiders are cool and gently take them outside don’t want to be covered in them.

And finally, here’s an animated GIF of a dog that really seems to be getting into her role. There’s multiple layers of music references going on here. According to the poster, the dog’s name is “Dolly Parton,” but for Halloween, she’s gone Brazilian in a Carmen Miranda costume. She seems to be enthusiastic about the dancing, too.

Congrats to all the people who came up with these costumes, and to those dogs who enjoyed them. Let us know what you think, and if you have your own pictures of your dog’s Halloween outfit, post or link to them in the comments.

Via Imgur

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